Diy Decorations

The Right DIY Table Decoration For Atmosphere

With the right DIY table decoration, your table becomes a festive table! Whether playful or romantic: These inspirations to imitate give your table the right design for every occasion. Our DIY table decoration create coziness and are easy to imitate – give it a try!

Decoration With Spring Branches

Tender cherry blossoms, magnolias and currants bring freshness into the home. The most beautiful ideas with blooming spring branches, the huge flowers are particularly effective in colored vases.

DIY Table Decoration

Sew and Dye Table Linen

Scraps of fabric, lots of imagination and our instructions for sewing and dyeing – this is our recipe for beautiful tablecloths, placemats and napkins. Fold, lay, tightly knot: these napkins have become beautiful unique pieces with the Shibori technique. Before dyeing, the fabric is tied in very different ways and then dyed. The result: every napkin has its own look.

A table decoration is created quickly and individually with stamps. You can carve the stamps yourself or of course buy them. The stamps are used to colorfully decorate invitation cards and envelopes, paper napkins, cake sticks, tags and sachets.

Creative Table Decorations With Stamps

The stamp motif can easily be carved out of an eraser. Building a wooden stamp handles from the craft store are suitable as handles for larger stamps. A wooden toy can be used as a handle for small stamps.

Table Decorations For Brunch

The table is set enough and the table decoration spreads a cozy moment. Such a nice surprise for every guest! There is a small cone on each plate. With their fresh colors from rose to mint, they go wonderfully with the cheerful mood at brunch. The sachets can be filled as the mood takes you: either with small flowers and twigs, as here, or with pralines or other culinary surprises.

Quick and Easy

The table decorations with fruit and vegetables are inexpensive. It gets summery if you just put a few lemons on the table, pears, for example, go well with late summer. In this case, they serve as pretty place cards: write the name of each guest on a strip of paper and place it around the pear. Crease the strip as if tying a knot. If you like, you can infect a flower.

Wool Table Decoration

This is how old balls of wool get new honors: They serve as ushers for the party guests. The name of each guest is written on the table with the wool thread. It’s quick, a charming eye-catcher and by the way a nice toy for your guests during the party.

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