Diy Decorations

The Right DIY Decoration For You

Whether new table right DIY decoration, wall organizers or handicraft instructions for Christmas and Halloween. Craft fans will definitely find what they are looking for with us. Or are you looking for an idea for a self-made gift? Our step-by-step instructions are sure to have the right DIY for you.

Store Jewelry Tidily

Remove the back panel, if left from the frame. But don’t throw it away yet! Use the back wall to simply transfer the required dimensions. Place the piece of wire mesh from the inside into the wooden frame and carefully staple it to the edge. Select the length of the staples so that they are not visible from the front! Now just turn around and the jewelry wardrobe for your earrings is ready! Depending on the frame and intended use, you can now hang it on the wall or simply lean it against it.

Table Decorations To Make Yourself

A branch from a walk in the forest or a birch trunk from the hardware store becomes a cute placeholder for place cards and autumn branches. First secure the branch to your work table with a clamp or clamp it. Then saw off a slice about five cm thick. Smooth out the edges and possibly sand down the surfaces. Then test out at which point the pane is upright. If it keeps rolling away, you can use a bit of dough to try to keep the placeholder in place later. Then fix the pane again with the clamp. For the greeting card, saw a slit about a cm from the edge to about the middle of the pane. Next to the slot you now drill the hole, also up to the middle. Now punch out or cut the card, write on it, slide it into the slot and insert the branch.

Decorate Party Cutlery Colorfully

Wooden picnic cutlery usually looks dull. But if you stick to tape on the handles and then decorate them with  tassels, they are suitable for summer in no time at all. For the right DIY decoration you need rayon best in different colors, disposable wooden cutlery, sturdy punch pliers, scissors and colorful deco tapes.

right DIY decoration

First you cover the cutlery handles with tape and cut it off at the curve above. Then you punch the handle with the punch pliers. Now cut off 16 cm long pieces from the raffia, thread 3 of them through a hole and pull half of them through. Now put the raffia upwards, wrap it tightly with another piece of raffia and knot it. You can now cut the resulting small tassel.