Diy Decorations

Suitable DIY Decoration For Every Season

Suitable DIY decoration not only looks great, it is also fun to do with handicrafts. Here you will find suitable DIY decoration for every room and every season.

Wooden Cubes With Animal Photos

These wooden cubes have become really beautiful and are also a little eye-catcher for a child’s room. However, they are better suited for children from 3 years of age who no longer put everything in their mouths. For smaller kids, the building blocks with children’s names are perhaps better suited.

This Is How The Wood Transfer Works

Measure the right size for your photos and edit them in an image editing. Reflect the image if it contains lettering or if it is important to you that it is transmitted the right way round. Adjusts the size accordingly and saves it in PDF. Leave the photos in the shop with a printer and print. The paper should be a regular printer paper without coating or gloss. Cut out the photos. Coat the first side of the cube with transfer glue. Apply the transfer glue to the image side. Glue the photo on with the picture side facing the wood. Use the ruler to smooth the photo to the sides and wipe off the excess glue on the sides with a cloth. Blow dry the cube or let it air dry overnight. Soak the paper on the cube with a sponge and rub the paper off completely. Blow dry the cube every now and then to make sure that the scraps of paper are rubbed off. Otherwise, continue to rub until the paper is rubbed off and only the photo remains. Let the cube dry and seal it with a layer of top coat.

Make Your Own DIY Scented Candle

The advantage of doing it yourself is that you can easily determine the intensity yourself. I just used old curry paste jars for an upcycling project. I painted the lid so that the candles can be stowed away easily when you have a large supply.

They can also be rewritten again and again with blackboard varnish. With a porcelain pen you can also write small greetings on the candles to give away as gifts. Note on: When buying, make sure that the thickness of the candle wick matches the planned width of the candle! I used a wick for cutting, but there are also ready-made wicks that you can just put into the candle.