Diy Decorations

Special DIY Wedding Decorations

DIY design – this is particularly noticeable when planning a wedding, especially when it comes to wedding decorations. Here a few new vases, there a new set of candles, lots of stationery – the pool of thoughts is endless, but unfortunately the wedding budget is not. Wedding ideas that you can make yourself are usually not only cheap, but are also a lot of fun. DIY decorations make the wedding preparations something very special. And with every finished work, the anticipation for the big day grows. We have selected the most creative DIY wedding decorations for you, which cost little money and have a big impact.

DIY Photo Chores For The Wedding Quests

Various photo games with Polaroids can be found on websites. Unfortunately, it is rarely mentioned that these little films are not cheap. Even more if you also have a photo box. Just let the guests take photos with their own devices and send them to you. Simply put a photo task on each guest’s plate at the beginning that he or she should do during the day. To do this, you write to which email you send the photos or under which hashtag they should be posted.

Dried Flowers

Who says you can’t decorate a wedding with dried flowers? Obviously, the bridal bouquet should consist of fresh flowers. With the table flowers, however, you can save costs by bringing in dried flowers and grasses. You can also decorate them with fresh flowers from the florist. The whole thing can look like this.

Table Numbers Made By Yourself

Wine drinkers can already gather at the cork and use them to create table numbers. Or you can buy cheap picture frames and write on them with a white paint pen. So you save on wedding stationery.

Candlesticks Made From Orangina Bottles

A great DIY design for weddings are self-designed vases or candlesticks made from orangina bottles, which are particularly suitable thanks to their bulbous shape. The first step is to put the bottle in a soap bath and then peel off the label. Then the pretty glass bottles are ready to be creatively designed. With a little spray paint they become colorful vases, bows can round off the wedding look.

Wedding Decorations

Menu and Name Cards

With self-designed name and cards you can give the wedding guests a special treat – and give them a small gift and a nice souvenir of the evening on the way. Why not decorate small succulents in hand-painted pots with name tags of the guests and distribute them at the appropriate seats?

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