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Preparing A DIY Bath Sea Salt at Home

Preparing a diy bath sea salt at home is very easy. We will examine this issue today. When was the last time you took a break? Rushed by everyday life and pursued by the stress of appointments. Relaxation in everyday life is often neglected, but this is exactly what is so important.

Guidebooks on the subject of self-care and self-love are warning, because the subject has been on everyone’s lips for a long time. And you know what? I think that’s right! We are taught a lot in school, but to take care of yourself and to organize has to be learned later in everyday life. That is exactly what the challenge of adulthood is.

We want to encourage you to cancel an appointment sometimes because you should put your feet up or you can take a bath in the afternoon. Why not? For those who like to bath, a bath with nourishing bath salts and a good book is exactly the break from everyday life that waited long for.

Sea Salt

Preparing A DIY Bath Sea Salt at Home – Detailed Information

Mix Bath Salts Yourself

First we put 250 g of coarse salt in a blender and grind it very finely. Then we mix coarse sea salt, fine sea salt and the baking soda well together. Before the soap colors and the oil come to the sea salt mixture, they have to be mixed together. We do this for the following reason: Since we only use a few drops of the soap colors, it would mix badly with the sea salt. The oil makes it easier to color the sea salt. The bath salt can now be colored. Simply add the oil / soap mixture to the sea salt and stir well. Now we fill the DIY bath salt into small containers. So you always have some wellness at hand when you need it. While the bathroom used to be almost exclusively, nowadays more and more attention is paid to the feel-good factor. The bathroom is now not just a wet room but a place to withdraw and relax. Just right for a break and a place for self-care.

Transform Your Bathroom Into A Wellness Oasis

Now you might think that it’s easy for me to talk to our bathroom in the newly built house. However, cosiness can be conjured up in every bathroom, because brown tiles can be easily painted over and the bathroom becomes cozy with a few simple steps.

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