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Practical home decoration ideas & do it yourself projects 2022

Do not you want to spend a lot of money on furniture and decoration, since you live in a rented house? Have you a meticulous home owner? Does restrict you that can not changed color of walls or hung something on the wall? Even if you live in a rented house, you can make personal your home without losing you deposit or spent a fortune!

In today’s article, we will share with you some brilliant and creative do yourself ideas! Here for you some economic, practical, portable and trailless ideas…

Home decoration ideas: Do your table or coffee table by yourself

Nowadays modern home decorations are very popular. You don’t have to buy anything as a team anymore. You can pick your stuff randomly. Especially if you are a tenant, you may think why should I spend too much money on my stuff? Because if you change your hause, maybe your stuff doesn’t fit for your new house. It is not necessary. You can have more fit, personal and creative stuff by designing your stuff yourself, buying your stuff from second-hand stores or picking up them among your old stuff.

For example, you can design a table or coffee table which you can use in other houses as well by making a change on your living room. Why you spend too much Money for these furnitures when you are making them by yourself as well easily? Thus you have a table that is cheaper, more original, suitable for your needs and you won’t have to change it while moving. What you need to do for this :
Do your table or coffee table by yourself

  • You should find some stuff like old door or cabinet etc. If you have an old some object that can using as table or coffee table you can use that or if you don’t have object like that, you can buy them from junk shop. But it should reflect your living room style.
  • The second thind that you have to do is to buy legs in style suitable for your table and coffee table. You can buy the from some construction market like IKEA or even from on the internet.

Do your table or coffee table by yourself

If you have a small living room, maybe you can add some shelf or drawer for being more functional.

Home decoration tips: Paint your furnitures

This method is the most popular method among decoration ideas. Now to bring different stuff together is populer, why you buy suite for the rented house which it’s not clear how long you sit? Instead of that, you can constitute more creative and cheaper suite by buying separately furniture which is suitable for your budget.

Paint your furnitures

Paint your furnitures

  • You collect furnitures that are suitable for your budget and house. For this, you can go cheap furniture shops, waste collector or second-hand stores. Just you should be carefull about picking furnitures are not huge or exaggerated. Furnitures that you picked should be coherent with each other as rate.
  • You paint the furnitures that you find with what color you want. You don’t be afraid about being brave when choosing a color. Because you can change the color whenever you want.

Paint your furnitures

Home decoration tips: Use portable walls

Do you have an open hall? Maybe your living room and dining room are together or you may have an open kitchen. In fact, your bed and living space are together in a studio apartment. Building a Wall is not necessary for providing privacy, hiding messy or create a personal area. You can design a folding screen. All you need for doing this is to make rectangular frames! Make rectangular frames and combine them with hinge. You can cover those frames with fabrics.

 Use portable walls  Use portable walls

Use removable wallpaper on your walls

You can create a your own style with this wallpapers without any marks on your wall. Therefore you don’t have any problem with your home owner. You can apply this wallpaper even yourself. If you don’t want to paint your house, you can use that colorful wall paper. You can even make a difference in your spaces by printing the picture you want as 3D wallpaper in any size and applying it to your wall.
Use removable wallpaper on your walls

Cover your walls wıth huge paintings

If you don’t want to cover whole room with wall paper or it has big cost for you or you think that applying wall paper is too hard for you, you use huge paintings on your wall as a creative option. It is not necessary that apply whole walls. You can apply only one wall or you can determine a focus point. What you need to do for this:

Cover your walls wıth huge paintings

  • You buy mdf what you want sizes from a carpenter.
  • You cover this mdf what you want materials. (fabrics, painting or wall paper)
  • You buy frames according to mdf and combine with that. If you want you can paint this frame with spray paint.
  • And hang your frames on the wall! You can use powerfull tape for this without any marks on the wall.

Cover your walls wıth huge paintings Cover your walls wıth huge paintings

You make a your own design easily and cheaply anymore. Moreover you don’t feel like living a rented house! Pick one or a few tips among these tips according to your house and apply. Change you house!