Diy Decorations

Mug DIY Designs That You Can Try

Whether you are a coffee or tea lover, you surely use it almost every morning: a cup. DIY designers told us in an interview what you can do with a cup and how you can easily spruce up any simple cup at home. We’ve rounded up creative mug DIY designs that you should definitely try.

Marble Cups With Nail Polish

If you want to marble a mug with nail polish, you definitely need a white, plain mug. You should also have a small tub of water and nail polish ready. Here you can use older paints that you don’t like anymore. It’s just that the paint shouldn’t be too old or too tough and it’s easy to do that.


The cups must be clean and free of grease before marbling. Therefore, rinse your cup well beforehand with sufficient detergent. You then carefully tip the nail polish into the water tub. A shish skewer is helpful when pouring different colors together. You can use it to mix up the colors a little. Once you have prepared that, you can start right away and dip your cup in the water-nail polish tub. I made sure that the nail polish didn’t cover the whole cup. I didn’t want any nail polish where I drink from the cup. After dipping, the cups need to dry. I put one of the cups in the dishwasher. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out well. That’s why I always wash my nail polish cups by hand.

Paint Cups Creatively

Another option – probably the supreme is painting the cup. Here creative minds can let off steam with pen and brush as they please and paint as they please. There are as many motives as there are ideas and you can say: anything is possible. With this in mind, you can let your creativity run free and get started right away!

Motifs From Childhood

Can you still remember your favorite series from childhood days? Did you watch the laughing stories with your siblings every Sunday? Or were you an absolute fan of the cartoon characters? Then let’s go, because these well-known characters will put a smile on even the biggest morning grouch. And the best thing about it is: You don’t have a mug from any souvenir shop, but an individually designed mug.