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Modern Fireplace Ideas and Models

Fireplaces, which warm our interiors with their appearance as well as our homes, have a wide variety of alternatives suitable for every style and need. In this article, we shared stylish and modern fireplace models and their extraordinary uses.

Fireplaces, which are the leading actors of decoration in every environment they are in, are the most striking parts of the space from the moment you enter. Therefore, to add charm to your home, it will be enough to buy a fireplace that suits your decoration style. If you already have a fireplace in your home, but you don’t like it or find it outdated, you should replace it with a fireplace that suits your taste as soon as possible. If possible, it will be much more logical and easier to do the fireplace replacement or renovation before settling in the house.

Fireplace Decoration

If you are planning a classic fireplace placement in the middle of your wall, here are the things you can do while decorating your fireplace;

  • Adding spotlights or led lighting around the fireplace to accentuate the fireplace
  • Geometrically balancing the fireplace with its surroundings
  • Painting or coating the fireplace wall with a dark or contrasting color
  • Adding a mantelpiece over the fireplace
  • Adding a frame around the fireplace

Fireplace Trends

If we come to the latest trends about fireplace; Clean lines, minimalist and timeless materials stand out in fireplace design. Of course, the efficiency and environmental friendliness of the fireplace is also very important. Also, you don’t have to limit your fireplace pleasure to the living room. In the rest of the article, we have included inspiring fireplace examples and usage patterns that you can use in various rooms of your home.

Fireplace Models

There are many modern and economical fireplace alternatives on the market, even for those who live in an apartment or do not have an existing wood fireplace. For example, there are many chimneyless electric, natural gas or bio ethanol fireplace alternatives for flats. Below you can find high quality and modern fireplace models grouped according to their materials and usage areas. These modern fireplaces add elegance and quality to their spaces. Here are the best and modern fireplace ideas of the design world.

Modern Fireplace Models 2021 – 2021

Glass Shielded Fireplace Models:

With this fireplace, which is completely covered with glass, the sitting areas are separated from each other in a safe and warm way without disrupting the spatial integrity.

This industrial and stylish fireplace features concrete and stainless steel reinforcement details.

The glass fireplace adds elegance to this rustic living room.

A safe and inviting corner to relax in front of the fire thanks to its fully enclosed fireplace glass …

Ceiling Hanging Medium Fireplace Models (Scandinavian Fireplace):

This modern hanging fireplace in Danish design adds great style to the living room.

The minimalist and cylindrical hanging fireplace attracts all the attention with its cool appearance in the space.

In this small size hanging fireplace, smokeless bio ethanol fuel is used instead of wood.

Metal Fireplace Samples:

The stylish and stainless steel fireplace frame integrates with the modern design of the house, adding sparkle to the environment.

The handmade metal fireplace surface creates a cool look with its different texture.

The sculptural metal cap on the fireplace looks almost like a piece of modern art.

This modern and stylish fireplace design is a combination of shiny copper and black zinc.

Desktop Fireplace Models:

Located in the middle of the seating area, this fire pit creates a cozy environment for large family gatherings.

Very creative, colorful and pleasant sitting areas are designed around the fireplace in this living room with a decoration style of the 70’s.

A round and closed central fireplace softened the harsh angles of the house.

Linear Fireplace Designs:

This linear fireplace that runs along the wall is the most striking part of the living room.

This stylish fireplace has both linear and curvilinear details.

This linear fireplace under the black accent wall features functional and stylish storage areas with shelves around it.

Home Fireplace Uses

Fireplace Ideas For Bathroom:

The owner of this wonderful bathroom must have been caught in a dilemma between the perfect outside view and the warm flames of the fireplace inside. 🙂

This fireplace with modern lines adds a mystical atmosphere as well as warmth to the bathroom.

Bedroom Fireplace Models:

The heating of this airy bedroom is provided by a metal central fireplace suspended from the ceiling.

Putting the fireplace and TV together on the same wall can be reason enough not to leave the bedroom. 🙂

While this shiny metal coating warms up in front of the fireplace, it is possible to watch the view at the same time.

TV Fireplace Samples:

How nice would a cozy sight go with a great movie?

This minimalist wall design with a TV and fireplace is a great idea for a modern decoration!

Fireplace Models For Kitchen:

Even if you don’t cook over the fire like in primitive times, the kitchen is sure to be a place for the fireplace in context.

Home Fireplace Usage Types

Fireplace Designs for Dividing Rooms:

If you have a large living room, you can separate the living and dining areas with a properly sized fireplace without breaking the visual relationship.

The most popular trend with fireplaces is to create a floating wall illusion, like in the example, by leaving space between the fireplace and the wall.

By separating the bedroom and en-suite bathroom with a half wall, you can enjoy a double-sided fireplace in the bed and bathtub.

This modern fireplace design features a rear facing window.

Fireplaces as Focal Points:

The stone covering on the fireplace wall that continues up to the ceiling creates an effective focal point in the space.

This Danish designed creative fireplace stands out directly in a minimalist decoration.

Combined with the surrounding wood waves and textured mosaic tiles, this fireplace creates a dynamic effect that draws attention to the space.

Modern Fireplace Alternatives

Round Fireplace Ideas:

In this interesting example, the wooden shelf mirrors the lines of the round fireplace.

Using a ceiling suspended round central fireplace is more than cool, a space-saving idea.

Corner Fireplaces:

This L type corner fireplace creates a perfect harmony with the corner sofa set. Of course, the harmony between the wooden coffee table and the wood tray next to the fireplace is not overlooked. 🙂

Framed and asymmetrical, this fireplace creates its own modern mantel.

This corner fireplace fits in perfectly with the rocking seat next to it.

This fireplace, which is not located in the center this time, has created an inviting corner in the living room.

We hope the modern fireplace models we shared have inspired you. Well, what is your favorite fireplace sample? Which of these fireplace ideas in your home and why would you prefer? Please share your ideas with us in the comments section.