Diy Decorations

Little Effort DIY Decorations and Design Ideas for Your Home

Little effort diy decorations for your home will be examined today. The days are getting shorter again and it’s slowly getting colder outside. The first trees light up in the autumn colors, the acorns are already falling from the trees and most of the plants have finished their flowering period. That is why the time now begins for self-made decorations with which you can bring the theme into your home. In the following blog you will find instructions on how you can make your own hanging, standing and lying decorations with little effort.

Little Effort DIY Decorations and Tips for your Sweet Home

Decorative Heart For Wall Decoration

Select a wooden heart on which you can attach the decorative moss. The decorative heart forms the basis with which you start. Cover the heart completely with moss and glue it in place. Choose a few decorative branches that seem suitable for this arrangement. Thin, pliable twigs are good for this design. The length of the branches required depends on the size of the decorative heart. Complete the edge of the heart with branches. Bundle these twigs in different places and glue them to the edge. On the decorative piece shown above, the longer decorative branches were left on the left to create a kind of tail. Next, decorate the edge with, for example, lantern flowers, pine cones, dried fruits or small pumpkins. In the center of the heart you can attach flowers or a berry branch as you like.


Branch Arrangement On A Wooden Plate

We place the following decoration creation on a wooden plate. This DIY object is great for dining table decoration! Practical advantage and important for you to know: You don’t need a glue gun for this arrangement and it can be easily varied and adapted. Choose a wooden bowl or plate as a base for your decoration. A rustic tree grate is also very suitable. The eye-catcher with this decoration are the debarked pear branches. 2 or 3 pieces of branch are enough for this. Next, select the other decorative elements according to your wishes. For example, date branches, moss or small pieces of wood are recommended. Many green materials were selected for the above decoration, which you can of course adapt to the changing seasons again and again. With orange-colored objects you can give the decoration a touch. Cover the bottom of the plate with the decoration and then place the debarked pear branches over it.

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