Diy Decorations

Handicraft Instructions For Do it Yourself Decorations

Do you actually know that you can easily make DIY decorations for your home yourself? Whether table decorations, self-painted pillowcases or candlesticks made from material copper: The most beautiful decoration is self-made. Meanwhile, a large part apartment consists of self-made elements. We will show you the handicraft instructions for my do it yourself decorations.

Grow Your Own Crystals With Alums And Eggshells

First you prepare your eggshells: Coat them with a water-insoluble. Glue and sprinkle them with alum salt. Let everything dry for about 1 hour. This will create the basis for your crystal growing afterwards.

Put the hot water in a bowl and stir in enough alum until no more powder dissolves in the water. This means that you have a saturated solution and the crystals can then deposit themselves super well on the eggshells. When in doubt, you’d better add a little more alums to the water than too little! If you use too little, fewer or no crystals will form. Since we mixed by feeling, the quantities are not 100% accurate.

If you like, you can add food coloring to the solution. We made the experience here that you have to use a lot of color so that the eggshells are also nice and colorful afterwards. Put the prepared eggshells in the solution and let everything stand overnight. The next day wonderful crystals are formed! Pat your crystals dry and paint the edge with some gold paint.

do it yourself decorations

Make Autumn Garland From Pine Cones Yourself

Paint your pine cones with the pink and copper paint spray and let everything dry well. Now you glue the painted pine cones with the underside to a string of lights and let everything dry again. Your super pretty, autumnal DIY garland is ready!

Make Jewelry Bowls Yourself From Modeling Clay

Knead a hand-sized ball from the modeling clay until it is soft and easy to work with. Roll out a sheet that is about 5mm thick. Take the bowl and carefully press the plate against the inside of the bowl so that it takes the shape of the bowl. Very carefully cut the upper edge of the modeling clay with a knife so that it is a smooth edge. If necessary, re-shape something with your finger until everything is nicely rounded.

do it yourself decorations

Make Desk Storage Yourself From Toilet Paper Rolls

Cut your paper rolls to the right height. Mine are about 15cm and 5cm high. Cover the rolls with colored construction paper and cut small ears from the same paper and glue them to the top of your toilet paper rolls. Cut a horn out of the glitter paper and glue it between the ears of the unicorn. If you like, you can cut out small triangles for the inner workings of the ears from light pink paper and glue them on as well as attach decorative flowers to decorate the unicorn. Now you can paint small faces on your animals and glue your three rolls onto a covered piece of cardboard.