Diy Decorations

Do-it-Yourself Upcycling Decoration

Do not throw away cans immediately! You can use it to make a great utensil.

Empty Tin Cans

Color the empty tin cans with spray paint and glue two magnets to the back with glue. Hang up an iron tray, attach the cans and fill them with utensils or flowers .

Heirlooms from grandparents, finds from the flea market you discarded years ago: you can make something beautiful out of this! We show you how you can spice up old dishes creatively in no time – with porcelain pens and a sticker sheet for example.


The Lace Doilies From The Attic Are Making Their Comeback

First dye with textile dye according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After drying, brush a thick layer of wallpaper paste. Cover an upturned bowl with cling film, place the crochet blanket with the coated side on the bowl and paste the other side. Let it dry well and then remove it from the foil – done!

Simple Plates And Bowls Become Designer Pieces

Put the porcelain paint in a bowl or on a plate and swirl so that the paint runs. Leave to dry for around 24 hours and then bake in the oven for around half an hour. So plain white porcelain becomes an eye-catcher on the table.

Pretty Vases Can Be Made From Empty Tin Cans

Wash and dry any collected tins well, then cover with pretty paper. Drill a hole in the container for flowers that prefer dry conditions – this prevents excessive moisture in the soil.

Glass Vials Accumulate, Which Make Great Vases

To do this, simply dip a part in cans with matt varnish and let it drain well. When dry, fill with pretty flowers. Also ideal as a gift!

Grandma’s Old Pewter Plates

Using the metal drill, drill a hole in the middle of the base the size of the rod thread. Then put the bars through the plates and twist them into each other. Important note: Only use tin with the embossing on the underside for food, as others may contain poisonous lead!

Nostalgic Cups And Egg Cups Are Converted Into Candle Holders

To turn an old cup into a candle holder, candle remains are melted together in a heat-resistant, the liquid wax is poured into the cup and a wick is provided. Stem candles can be attached to upturned egg cups using wax adhesive pads. Old porcelain from the flea is particularly beautiful utensil decoration.