Diy Decorations

DIY Table Decoration Ideas That Are Easy

DIY table decoration ideas that are easy will be examined today. Food is ready, is already on the table and when everyone is finally on the table, someone has to get up because something is missing. Does it sound familiar to you too? Whether salt, pepper, other spices or olive oil – something always seems to be missing. That is why we have now put together a small wooden box with our favorite ingredients in the glass. This is put on the table first or can to stay there because it is so pretty. What a pleasure to find that salt or olive oil with the pourer is already on the table decoration and nobody has to get up.

DIY Table Decoration With Candles In The Glass

In addition, we also thought of a simple DIY table decoration with candle holder, which can also be left over the summer. The table decorations make a wonderful and cozy light on mild summer evenings. You can use the candle holder for your jar| – At the bottom of the glass you can store more tea lights or decorate them with stones or olive leaves. You can get creative as you wish.

Light Chain In The Glass For Cozy Light

The LED light chain makes glass – 1000 ml with 20 light points a wonderful light. Beautiful patterns are reflected on the table through the glass – so cozy. You can shape the fairy lights as you like. The light chain can be easily switched on and off with a switch.

Table Decoration With Natural Materials

In addition to your candles in the candle holder, the great LED light chain or your favorite spices and oils, it looks great when you combine them with plants and leaves. Maybe you have a garden, herbs on your balcony, or you can pinch off a few branches in the park or forest. With materials such as leaves, stones and other plants, your table decoration looks much nicer in the glass and creates a nice atmosphere at home. You will get that holiday feeling right away and treat yourself to a leisurely break.

Succulents As A Cheap Table Decoration

Pumpkins are also very suitable as vases and plant pots for succulents. You can proceed in the same way as with other flowers and plants and insert a sponge into the previously hollowed out pumpkin. The succulents are inserted into this afterwards and nicely arranged. A few pine cones and autumn flowers give the table decoration the finishing touch.

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