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DIY Spring Decoration – Glass With Flowers

Spring is slowly making itself felt! The temperatures are rising and the first spring flowers come out of the earth. Everybody loves spring and everything that goes with it – that’s why we came up with a pretty and simple spring decoration in a glass with flowers for you today. It just looks chic on every table or on the windowsill in your home. You can play with a wide variety of glasses and conjure up a cheerful, fresh DIY spring decoration.

For the DIY decoration, we created a combination with the ball glasses. You can of course also use old mason jars or jam jars for this. You can decorate the glasses free-standing or, for example, on a chic tray. The spring decoration in the glass is timeless and can be copied so quickly and easily.

So that you can enjoy the pretty flowers for a long time, it is best to buy the early bloomers when they are not yet in bloom. The Muscari, for example, wither quickly, but the hyacinths can be kept in the glass vase for up to three weeks. If the flowers have wilted, simply plant the min the ground. If that is not possible, keep the onions in a cool and dry place. The green can stay there so that the power goes back into the onion. They should then be planted in autumn at the latest. In the following year they sprout in their old splendor in the garden.

Spring Decoration
Spring Decoration

Free Flowers From The Earth

In the first step, we carefully remove the onions from the soil. The best way to do this is to use a large old bowl that is allowed to get dirty. Be sure to keep the earth – you can reuse it for other flowers or plants.

Wash Onions

When you have removed the coarse soil from the spring flowers, you can wash it off under running water to remove the remaining soil. If the roots of the onions are too long for you, you can trim them with clean scissors.

Decorate The Glasses With Chalk Pens

While the onions are draining off, you can start designing the glasses. To do this, we used a chalk pen to come up with various patterns and drawings and carefully painted them on the glasses. We think that gives the spring decoration in the glass a nice and individual look. For letterings, it’s best to make a small sketch on scratch paper and place the template in the glass. Then you just have to trace and you have a great result straight away.

Decorate The Glasses With Thread

In order to give the glasses the finishing touches, we created a great border with different ribbons and thread on the edge of the glasses. Just take a look at what else you can find in your handicraft supply and decorate the glasses a bit. To keep your flowers fresh, remember to change the water and wash out the glasses every few days.