Diy Decorations

DIY Kitchen Decoration in A Creative Way

The kitchen is the place to cook, laugh and make plans for the weekend. We get together with friends and family in an integrated seating area. Here we can eat together and have a good time. The kitchen decoration is already the most important room in most flat shares, because this is where people meet, chat and cook and sit together until late into the night if it’s not one of these purpose-built flat shares, but they’re funny anyway, because living together also means sharing a part of everyday life with one another. In every shared kitchen decoration there should therefore be a table at which all roommates can sit, wildly thrown together chairs and a cleaning plan, which you can make yourself.

Make Decorating For Kitchen Out Of Wood Yourself

You can design wooden parts in a creative way – spice it up, color it and personalize it. A kitchen set of cutting boards, wooden spoons and kitchen quivers with colors that can be found in the kitchen design are great individual and homemade gifts.

Kitchen Decoration

Driftwood Towel Rail

It doesn’t necessarily have to be driftwood, a stick from the city park will do it too when in doubt. A stick like this is free and looks really great if you put it in the right place. Instead of expensive leather, you can also use simple cord from the hardware store, which is cheaper. There are also hooks for a narrow thaler.

Fabric Instead Of Cabinet Doors

New kitchen cabinets are expensive, very expensive. But what if you are punished with such ugly kitchen cabinets that something has to change? Easily remove the old doors, attach a clothes rail to the top edges of the closets and put up a nice curtain. It costs almost nothing and looks great.

Kitchen Made From Pallets

Pallets can do pretty much anything and they are the kit that has held every shared apartment together for decades. You can not only build beds, tables and shelves from them, no, with a little skill you can even screw a whole kitchen together from them. But please don’t steal, the pallets are available online for a small thaler.

Geo Kitchen Tile Stickers

What’s the easiest way to hide these grease stains behind your stove? First scrub and then stick a waterproof, heat and moisture resistant tile sticker in style.