Diy Decorations

DIY Home Decorations to Express Individuality

Who does not know it: You spontaneously want to spice up your own four walls. Preserving jars and old glass vases are gathering dust unused in the showcase? A welcome sign is still missing on the door and the unadorned walls could use a bit of color? Do you find simple flower pots, brown clay rather boring? With a little tinkering and creative DIY ideas, the home becomes an individual oasis of well-being.

Here you will find DIY home decorations on how to create urban decorations with simple means or how to easily upcycle old vases, glasses and flower pots. Decorate your home according to your preferences and express your individuality with our craft for DIY decoration! We provide inspiration around the topic of DIY home decorations and show you in step-by-step instructions how these decorations can be easily implemented.

The Green Decoration Trend For The Home

The urban jungle is finding its way into many apartments. If you don’t have your own garden, you can simply bring the green into your own four walls. Plants create a nice look and make the home more comfortable. Botanic atmosphere creates a fresh, pleasant haven of calm, especially in apartments, because a green environment has a great effect on the human being. In times of environment protection, botanic designs create additional awareness for the preservation of the living space that is so important to us.

DIY home decorations

Embroidery Hoop

DIY home decorations can be made very easily yourself with our instructions: How about a green embroidery frame, for example, embellished with watercolor motifs in delicate green, inviting hand lettering terms? Natural binding, such as linen or woolen cord or raffia, can be attached to the embroidery frame as desired. The frame is decorated with handwritten sayings or, depending on the occasion, words such as “Welcome”. Finally, the embroidery frame can be nicely decorated: with plants, moss, small twigs and other materials such as feathers. So you can easily make DIY wreaths yourself.

Hand Lettering For Mason Jars

Whether with a screw cap or a wire hanger – almost everyone has them at home: preserving jars. These can be easily embellished with stickers and individual lettering! Bring a touch of vintage into your home and spice up old pickle jars with loving hand lettering with these DIY upcycling. Simply use the permanent marker to draw any text and content descriptions depending on which ingredients are to be stored in them. If you don’t want to write on the glass, you can decorate the container with black cardboard. The light text looks particularly good on the black stickers if there are light-colored ingredients such as flour, salt or sugar in the jar.

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