Diy Decorations

DIY Home Decorations For A Fresh Look

Do you want to give your home decorations a fresh look? However, there is often a lack of time and resources for a complete renovation. There are of course many ways to bring a breath of fresh air into your living space with less effort. This can be done very quickly and easily with DIY home decorations. The offer is almost endless. Individual pieces are not only difficult to find, but also often very expensive. We have therefore thought about how you can implement your dreams quickly, easily and cheaply.

Make Lamps Yourself

You can always create a nice atmosphere with lamps, because light is an important aspect. The easiest way to create lighting is paper lamps. To do this, cut circles or other geometric patterns out of tissue paper and glue them onto a paper lantern. You should make sure that you choose the right color, because depending on the color you choose, you can create a different light and tone.

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Shoe Rack

Find a suitable place and put the stones in the shoe rack there. In just a few steps you have created a practical shelf for your shoes that every visitor will appeal to. Especially in winter, the shoes can dry well without leaving stains on the floor.

Individual Flower Pots

You can create a decoration with this handicraft idea. You will need a tea cup with a coaster and an old tea caddy. Take a look in your cellar or browse the market for very special pieces of jewelry. Fill the containers with potting soil and plant a plant of your choice. Succulents are particularly suitable for this, as they require little water and also grow well in small pots. You can then cover the potting soil with a few stones, or glue the cup to the coaster for more stability. For example, hot glue is suitable for this. Have fun trying!

Key Rack

Do your keys like to disappear miraculously? We have a handicraft with which you are guaranteed not to lose your keys, because from now on you will have a permanent place. You can easily imitate this key board from a small wooden board and a few hooks. The size of the wooden board is coordinated with the amount of hooks. Attach the hooks to the board. The distance should be about 3 cm. You can now easily hang the key rack on the wall. This decoration can be combined particularly nicely with the DIY shoe rack.