Diy Decorations

DIY Handicraft Ideas to Give Away or to Keep it Yourself

Diy handicraft ideas awaits you here! You could think that we run a DIY blog, because many of our decorations revolve around the topic of DIY. The topic is so varied that it partially overlaps with many other areas. We assume that most of our readers are creative people who are not only satisfied with buying and placing decorations, but also want to create and decorate a lot themselves. Especially for events such as weddings, where you don’t want to be satisfied with a given table, or at Christmas, where you cannot buy a table ready-made. So get creative, do handicraft and do it yourself. The DIY and handicraft ideas are divided into the following areas:

Diy Handicraft Ideas: A Flowery Candle

If you don’t have a DIY present, but would like to give away a little something that you have made yourself, it is not too late for you. Because this DIY is great as a last-minute gift. You may even have many things at home and the rest can be put together quickly. The DIY itself is also done quick and easy.


And if it’s not enough, you can of course just give away the candle or keep it yourself. Because don’t we all need a little more comfort at the moment?

First stick the word with the adhesive letters on the shell. Press down well! Then paint the bowl with chalk paint. Then let it dry well. Now carefully peel off the adhesive letters again. If necessary, very carefully loosen the corners with the tip of a knife. Melt candle scraps or candle wax for pouring in a small saucepan or melting pot on low heat. If necessary, carefully pull out old wicks with a wooden stick when the wax has melted. If you want, you can add a few drops of scented oil to the melted wax. Place the wick in the middle of the bowl and fix it with two wooden sticks. Then pour the liquid wax. When the wax is already slightly dried on the surface, spread a few dried flower blossoms on the edge.

Decorate Your Own Trend Vase With Patterns

Abstract patterns and contrasts are trendy right now. The decor trend does not stop at any decorative part in the home – carpets, pillows, pictures and vases are adorned with lines, squares, triangles and arches.

The patterns should come into their own and look stylish at the same time. Thanks to a slight design, there is some air between the materials, so that objects do not look too overloaded with the pattern.

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