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DIY Handicraft Ideas For Children

Staying at home and avoiding contacts is the order of the day. I hope you all will stay at home and do your best to slow the spread of the Corona. Make yourself comfortable with your children and take your time to do something together again. Because there is usually no time for such activities in the everyday madness. Often handicraft only take place at Christmas. There are so many great craft ideas that fit throughout the year. If you’d rather start with the decorations, then take a look at the handicraft ideas. But let’s get started with the  most beautiful craft ideas for children:

Make Your Own Easy Friendship Bands

Do your children miss their friends? Then a sign of friendship is just the thing. If you still have a few scraps of wool, schoolchildren can easily make this bracelet themselves. You just need to wrap one thread around the other threads. With the DIY idea, it works for sure, if you support one or the other. When the bracelet is ready, the children can write their friend a letter and send her the bracelet by post.

Crafting With Salt Dough

Not only for Christmas you can make pretty DIY decorations out of salt dough. The good thing is that you will have the ingredients for salt dough at home and you can start right away. Even the little ones can do handicraft with salt dough, because kneading and shaping are sure to be fun. If you like it colorful, you can color the dough with food coloring from the baking department. Of course, you can also cut out or knead any other shape that you or your children can think of. It’s best to take a quick look at the recipe and tips for salt dough.

Painting Stones

Do you have stones in the garden? Perhaps as a pebble on the driveway or to decorate the flower beds? Then just grab a few and paint them together with your children. All you need are acrylic or finger paints and brushes. Even the youngest can paint stones. If you like, you can paint a rainbow like us, but your children’s imagination knows no bounds when it comes to design. How about a ladybug stone or simple flowers and hearts?


Crafts With Milk Bags

You can make lots of great things out of empty milk cartons. How about a nice bookmark? Perhaps you will grab a new reading book in the next few days and then put the bookmark you made together in it every evening. If you want to decorate the with milk cartons, you can make a pretty garland out of them. Older children can try their hand at a wallet made from milk bags. Crafting with milk bags is just so much fun! Make sure to try it out.