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DIY Floor Lamps With Individual Style

Creating a lamp yourself out of pipes and concrete is not difficult at all. One of my first DIYs was a tube lamp. My friends loved the lamp. The step from a small table lamp to a decorative living room lamp is not great. Of course, such a lamp has to fit into your own four walls. Tube lamps exude a rough charm that goes very well with solid wood and furniture. Our apartment has not yet been furnished in this way. However, we have a solid wood table made of colorful boat wood and that is a good start in the style – Make your own floor lamps – I’ll show you how it’s done.

Floor Lamp With Textile Cable, Lamp Holder

Two-core, three-core, sheathed, strain relief, lamp socket – you want to build a floor lamp yourself? Putting together a lamp yourself is not that easy. Complete cable sets are very helpful here. I keep getting requests for nice sets. So far I have always recommended the lamp connection. Unfortunately, this cable set is more practical than beautiful. Due to the length of the cable, it is also not suitable for floor lamps. During my shopping trips I came across a set especially for floor lamps. It includes a coordinated lamp set consisting of a socket, textile cable, switch and power plug. The cable length of the textile cable is 5m and is therefore good for floor lamps. If you want to DIY floor lamp, this set eliminates the need to select the individual parts for lamp construction.

Floor Lamps

Customizable Lamp Set

The special feature of this lamp set: You can choose the textile from 30 different colors and patterns and thereby individualize the set. If you use the set like me, you don’t have to worry about lamp holders and accessories for your floor lamp.

Even if you want to put your lamp together yourself, it is worth taking a look at the online shop. The choice of textile is enormous. I counted more than 60 different textiles, including pastel colors. I was almost a little overwhelmed with the selection and decided on a cable in the color gold.

Floor Lamp Made Of Pipes and Concrete

Floor lamps made of galvanized water pipes embody style in its purest form. Water pipes are available in all possible lengths and thicknesses, with angles, reducers, taps, etc. Galvanized water pipes are screwed together using a thread. They cannot be shortened with simple tools, but they can be combined in any way. Due to the thread, the pipes do not have to be glued or soldered.

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