Diy Decorations

DIY Dog Toys For Owners

Toys for dogs come in all shapes, colors and variations. From plush toys to pulling toys and sniffing toys – there are dog toys to buy for every situation and every dog’s age. But often it is not necessary to buy dog ​​toys for a lot of money! Here we will show you different DIY dog toys that you can make yourself. We mainly use things that can be found in almost every household.

Sniffer Box – Dog Toy For Creative Dog Owners

Dogs are extremely good at sniffing and love to look for treats. A sniffing box is perfect for this and a great dog toy to make yourself. In bad weather, it is also great for keeping the dog busy indoors. You can find everything you need for this in every household. The basis for this is a sturdy cardboard box, which can be smaller or larger depending on the dog’s size, difficulty and crafting. Cut off the top of the box or flip it sideways and tape it in place. The bottom is also securely taped shut, creating a sturdy cardboard box that is open at the top. Now your creativity is required! Use empty egg boxes, toilet paper rolls, beer felts, and other filling elements. You can also form rolls or cut fringes from cardboard or scraps of cardboard.

Now try to arrange your objects in such a way that there are as many hiding places as possible for the treats. Depending on how your dog is trained, you can also create difficult hiding spots. Make sure you attach everything securely. The best way to do this is to use a thick adhesive tape.

Laying The Track – Easily And Quickly Done By Yourself

Laying tracks is another sniffing game for dogs, which you can vary in difficulty. In contrast to the sniffer box, it is much easier to manufacture and requires less effort. You just use a couple of beer felts for this. However, you cannot use them directly, but have to leave them in an airtight together with your dog’s favorite treats for a few days beforehand. Alternatively, you can take a bag and seal it. Once you have accepted the smell of the treat, you are ready to use. Spread the beer mats around your flat and use them to create a track. If your dog is inexperienced, you can make the tracks shorter at the beginning and choose closer distances between the beer felts. You can also put him on a leash first. Gradually increase the difficulty.

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