Diy Decorations

DIY Decorations Your Bathroom

In a stylish towel holder, a shelf for the bathtub or a new holder for the WC paper – with these DIY decorations your bathroom will get an unmistakable look. And they are not only decorative, but also easy to use.

Beautify The Laundry Basket With A Spray Stencil

You don’t have to go under the basket weavers, because it’s all about labeling the woven laundry basket. It is easy to make the template yourself: simply print out the appropriate lettering on an adhesive surface, cut it out with a cutter and stick it on the basket as carefully as possible. If you have also masked the area around the stencil, you can use the spray.

Round Wood As Flexible Storage For The Wall

Whether a towel rail or a roll holder: a round piece of wood hanging from two leather loops is used in this bathroom to openly store towels and toilet paper – and can thus be used in a variety of ways.

Rod For The Tubes

Do you also have different tubes of toothpaste and creams gathered around the sink? Then this quick DIY bathroom storage brings order to the bathroom: the tubes hang upside down on a railing at a glance and ready to hand. You can either use a nice curtain rod or take a look at the kitchen stuff. The tubes with letter clips are simply hung on hooks.

Mirror With A Leather Strap

What is special about this DIY bathroom design is also the suspension: The round mirror consists of a leather strap. You can attach it to a wooden frame with small screws with a plastic frame it is good to use a hot glue gun. If you cannot find a suitable leather belt, you can also buy belt leather individually. It is available in various thicknesses, widths and colors in leather goods shops, saddlery shops.

Relaxed: Make A Bathtub Shelf Yourself

A good book, a good drink – is this the way to enjoy your bubble bath? Then you should also treat yourself to a DIY bathtub shelf on which you can conveniently place both. The flexible shelf can be built quickly from a board and with a little manual skill. With a layer of lacquer, you can make the piece insensitive to water and set colored accents.

Minimalist Towel Rail

We’ll show you the most casual way to dry your towel with this DIY bathroom storage unit: A simple square timber and string – this towel holder can be made by yourself in no time. It goes well with the clean Scandinavian style in the bathroom.

A Ring As A Towel Holder

The towels dry on a gymnastics ring in the lovingly interior designer. This not only looks stylish, but can also be implemented quickly and easily.