Diy Decorations

DIY Decoration To Live Your Creativity

DIY is all the rage. And with our decoration and our handicraft instructions you can live out your creativity, beautify your home or make friends and family happy.

Do It Yourself Instead Of Throwing It Away And Buying A New One

I want to inspire you with my DIY design and step by step instructions and motivate you to do it yourself. And show you how easy it is to get creative – to design with your own hands and to shape things according to your own wishes.

Creativity Is The Garden Of The Soul

The guiding principle of the little craft is always sustainability and zero waste. Here on my sustainability, old is transformed into new, materials into individual decoration and used items are recycled instead of thrown away. All of this not only saves money in the family budget.

Tinker With Leaves Basket

With leaves from a tree and the right glue you can make an original basket. The basket is suitable for all imaginable, smaller things. It also makes a good decoration for your home.

Decorative Lanterns

Glass, water and fire – these DIY lanterns shine with a special shine and flair. The colorful and glowing lanterns are a great decoration for special occasions and they can be tinkered quickly with the right utensils. Decorate festivities with glass, fire and water.

DIY Wall Decoration Made Of Colored Branches

You can use watercolors to paint beautifully dried branches. All sorts of things can then be made with the colored branches. This DIY wall creativity decoration made of colored branches is guaranteed to beautify your home and can be tinkered very quickly. The wall decorations are also a great gift

Handicrafts With Rowan Berries – Autumn Decorations, Wreaths And Chains

The fruits of the mountain ash bring autumn to our home. In no time at all, the bright red rowan berries transform into a beautiful and durable autumn design. Whether as a chain, in a homemade greyhound, as a wreath or a heart. Crafting with rowan berries is creative and fun! And more than that.


Make Upcycling Bread Bags From Beeswax Yourself

Do you know that? You buy bread and is it dry in no time? In fact, we have long struggled with the fact that we can hardly finish our bread as quickly as it dries out. Despite the bread pot and packaging, and you actually want to avoid the latter anyway, right? A paper bag every time you visit a baker is anything but sustainable.