Diy Decorations

DIY Decoration Ideas With Unique Touches

DIY decoration with funny ideas and unique examples is not only fun to look at: tinkering, in which you implement your own ideas, is also fun. Find more designs for wall decoration, storage and diy decorations made of concrete and pipe here.

DIY Decoration Made Of Concrete And Pipe

Concrete proves to be a material for the do-it-yourself decoration at home: It is suitable, for example, for pouring concrete letters that are also suitable for giving away, for building and tinkering with candlesticks, bowls and flower pots or as a stand for one mirrors, a picture, a stand, etc. The resulting objects are durable and they also have an industrial look.

DIY Decoration Ideas

Individual Wall With DIY Decoration

The cork notice board and the picture frame have had their day, as there are many more creative ways to present your pictures or notes. For example, with a picture holder made from a wooden strip mounted on the wall, on which your favorite works lie and, depending on the season and mood, can be replaced with others at any time with a flick of the wrist.

Nice Storage Space To Do Yourself: DIY Storage

DIY storage not only offer the possibility of adapting them to your own needs, but also the chance to make them decorative. Let your ideas run free while doing handicrafts – or first fall back on a DIY guide to warm up to doing it yourself. A creative way to present your jewelry, for example, is a jewelry stand made of wood, in which the bars all around like a tree are introduced, while a concrete foot provides stability. Or with a decorative strip attached to the wall, on the underside of which you can mount a tube with hooks – in this way, the strip is also suitable as a picture stand and for hanging jewelry.

You can also attach simple wooden wall hooks with colored accents – a great way to create space for clothes. A more striking variant, on the other hand, is a cloakroom made of copper tubing. As a do-it-yourself plant stand, a construction made of wooden slats lifts the indoor plants into the foreground, while a mute servant with a ladder look is a shelf or well attached, a home for small potted plants. A storage box doesn’t have to look boring either – a cork coating gives it its own design.