Diy Decorations

DIY Decoration Tips For Your Home

Unique diy decoration tips for your home takes places here! Are you looking for a nice deco tip? Great then you are right here, because you can easily do it yourself with our tips! Whether you have designed pillowcases and lampshades or pimp it up! The most beautiful decoration is made by yourself – unique and individual.

You don’t want to tinker your decoration alone, but would like to be creative together with other creative people. Then be sure to check out these DIY workshops. There might be one or the other creative workshop for DIY decoration here.

Diy Decoration Tips: Glass Decoration

Decorating glasses and handicrafts is currently very much a trend! The self-made table decorations are a highlight not only at weddings, but also at birthdays and other celebrations. Here we have a few creative styles for the glass decoration to make yourself.

Usually, you can use different glasses for the decoration: whether preserving jars, jam jars, mason jars or bottles – the different sizes and shapes give the decoration a playful charm. If you just ask your friends and acquaintances, then you will surely quickly end up with a large number of unneeded glasses. Self-adhesive elements that you simply press onto the glass are helpful. Ribbons are knotted at the height of the screw cap. Larger decorative materials can also be securely attached with a hot glue gun. Whether you want to cover a lot of glass or just use individual small stuff for the glass is up to you. The nice thing about it is that each glass is unique! Great for the flower decoration or as a lantern for the tea light.

DIY decoration

Diy Decoration Ideas: Visual Art

These picture frames made of adhesive tape are a nice eye-catcher. You are free to choose size, shape and color and if you no longer like a frame, simply peel it off and replace it with another colored border. Hanging pictures has never been so easy! But not only wall decorations can be made by yourself. Those who are skilled at handicraft can even cobble together pieces of furniture themselves. You can find out how to do this in our gallery.

Deco Tips: Photo Collage

Would you like to hang up the photos of your loved ones and your most beautiful cards, but you don’t know how? Then these DIY instructions might be helpful: Save the money on expensive picture frames or a pin board and stick the photos on the wall instead. If you think carefully beforehand how you will arrange everything, a true work of art will be created. How about a heart-shaped collage, for example? Or maybe rather arranged as letters?

Need more? Then diy handicraft ideas awaits you here!