Diy Decorations

DIY Decoration At Your Home

Decoration tips for a beautiful home – Comfortable is more comfortable. How your family will feel relaxed and would like to spend hours together with you at home.


Shelves are good furnishings for every room, in and on which many things can be placed. Whether books, flower vases, picture frames or other decorative materials- they find their place on shelves. The pieces of furniture can easily be made by yourself if you pay attention to a few things. For a small storage space, it is even sufficient to hang a simple wooden board on the wall. A bit of paint or a varnish enhances the board. This solution is simple, but effective, especially in small rooms with little space. Several of these boards hung on top of or next to each other result in a small work of art on the wall.



Without a cloakroom, jackets, hats, gloves and coats quickly pile up in the hallway and cause unnecessary mess. It’s really easy to make a wardrobe yourself, and it’s pretty quick. For a simple but ingenious style, all you need is a couple of hangers. These are connected to one another by threaded rods and copper or steel pipes and anchored to the wall so that they hang down with the hangers. The hangers serve as storage space for gloves and the like. Because their ends bend upwards during construction, nothing falls down that quickly. The hangers are used as coat hooks. This eye-catcher welcomes your guests and brings order to the hallway.


You can also design your own seating furniture with a little skill. Wooden pallets, on which not only heavy loads can be transported thanks to their high stability, are very suitable for this. They can also be used to make pieces of furniture such as armchairs. Two pallets stacked on top of each other create a spacious seat when screwed together. A third wooden pallet serves as the backrest. Equip the construction with thick cushions and the piece of furniture is ready. The spaces in between are a good storage space for newspapers, books and other small items. You can make your own benches using the same principle. The wooden pallets are also suitable as an airy surface for cozy outdoor furniture.