Diy Decorations

DIY Creations To Feel Great at Home

Is your living room still missing a bit of decoration or do you just feel like making something great? Then you are exactly right here! We’ll show you DIY creations on how to put your DIY creations in the limelight:

Photo Wall Made Of Wood

Just hanging up photos in frames is too boring for you? With a photo wall made of wooden, you can be creative and beautify your room. For the DIY you need two wooden strips, 10 photos in the same lenght and some string. You can immediately print out the photos as pictures in the regular lenght. To get a rough idea of ​​your wall, you should first arrange the wooden strips flat on the floor. Lay the pictures next to each other in four rows.

Fill The Ball Vase With Moss

For this decoration you need the largest possible ball vase. First you put a styrofoam cube in the vase. You can also use a piece of floral foam if you don’t have styrofoam on hand. The cube is used to give the fir tree the necessary support. In addition, we get different levels so that the landscape looks much more natural. Then you cover the styrofoam with moss.  In order for our landscape to look wintry too, a little decorative snow is missing.

Self Painted Cups Provide Variety

Do you know that? A look into the closet reveals a gloomy picture. The white cups are lined up shoulder to shoulder. Variety is urgently needed here. Of course, you can get yourself a colorful hodgepodge of mugs. But it is even nicer to give your cups a personal touch. Have you ever labeled cups yourself? Don’t be afraid to paint – it’s easy. Even if you think your dirty claw of writing is messing up your dishes, our simple tip will save you. Beautiful patterns, funny sayings, nice messages – everything is possible.

Beautify Gifts With Pictures

A trend right now is gift packaging made of materials in a simple style. For our DIY, a simple light brown paper is suitable, which shows the pictures and elements to their  advantage. The wrapping paper is made from recycled paper and is therefore very environmentally friendly. After you’ve wrapped your gift, stick a nice photo of you and the person receiving the gift on the paper.