Diy Decorations

DIY Beach House Decoration That Relaxes

In order to transform the decoration of your home into a new one with beach house style, there are first of all a lot of tips that will bring you closer to your goal very quickly. Today we will introduce you to the most important DIY beach house decoration ideas!

Colors & Materials

Rely on light-colored furniture and light-colored walls, delicate colors and lots of natural materials in your house. Choose yourself the colors that you find in the nature around the sea, that helps you enormously with the decoration! A beach house always provides a relaxation and looks tidy, airy and spacious. Even if you are not always tidy, light colors will help you bring this calm into the room, because the eye is less distracted.

Bamboo Bowl Painted With Pens

A beach house also has a wall with baskets and plates on the wall, which creates a cozy design for you to relax. The bamboo bowl from  can be easily painted with pens and your own patterns!

DIY Resin Coasters

Really beautiful eye-catchers, which can also be given away as gifts, are self-made coasters made of epoxy resin!

Exotic Plants In Sea-Like Flower Pots

When we are on vacation, we often like things that are different from those at home – we always notice that especially when it comes to flora!  With the right care you can buy palm trees and other exotic plants for your own walls and create a really nice green corner with flower pots!

Color Pillows With Patterns

Blue patterns give your  decoration a help of extra freshness and you can let off steam here creatively! Techniques for dyeing individual cushions, which you can then combine to make a cushion cover for your balcony.

Flower Hample DIY

In keeping with the boho theme, your plants can also be shown to advantage in a self-made hanging basket. The version is definitely suitable for beginners and is available – step by step with lots of pictures to make yourself!

Make Bed Canvas Yourself

Have you always wanted a four-poster bed too? Then choose a dream bag and off you go! With this method you can create a canopy that you can hang up and down at any time.

Make Lanterns

Do you miss a travel destination in particular and would you like to bring your holiday memories back to you every day? Then look for the colors and patterns of the country and integrate them into your design.