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Creative DIY Home Ideas During The Pandemic

In the fight against the pandemic and to prevent the disease Covid-19, one thing above all helps: stay at home! This is the only way to reduce the spread of the virus. We have put together some suggestions, DIY home ideas and tips so that you can make good use of your time at home and don’t sink into a swamp and chill at some point.

Have you recently done anything for your home – maybe even for your bedroom? We would be delighted if you continued to inspire us with photos and instructions about your DIY home decorations and thus inspire the whole community. By the way, you will find many more creative ideas there!

Bedside Table Made From Crate

This creative decoration is just for a nice beverage crate, saw a sheet of plywood to the size of the beverage crate and screw it to the wall. You can read here exactly how it works.

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Clothes Rail Made Of Copper Tubing

This DIY clothes rail made of copper tubing is particularly good for sorting your clothes in a nice and airy way. Space-saving and simple, it still offers enough space for all your treasures.

Wall Mirror With Leather Straps

Mirror on the wall – who has the most beautiful bedroom in the whole country? One of them definitely is this one, because this DIY mirror beautifies every room. You need a round mirror, two leather straps with a buckle and dark spray paint.

Self-Made Carpet

It couldn’t be more fluffy! This cozy DIY rug made of woolen cord hugs your cold evening feet very gently.

Optic When Painting Small Rooms

When painting, you can use simple tricks to make your small room look bigger than it actually is. For example, if you don’t paint the walls all the way to the ceiling, the ceiling will appear higher than it really is. The small room can also be visually enlarged in height or length with strips on the walls. With horizontal stripes on the room walls, the entire room will appear higher and therefore larger. Painting your walls vertically will make the room look longer.

The Right Decoration When Furnishing Small Rooms

Small rooms can quickly look cluttered and untidy if you hang too much decoration on the walls or on the shelves. So concentrate on a few pieces instead of filling your room.

Large mirrors visually expand the room immensely, as they reflect the light and thus give the room additional size. You can also use the materials of your design to enlarge your small room: metal or glass, for example, create the existing light and thus expand the room.

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