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A Step-by-Step Baby Room Decoration Guide

Baby room decoration ideas & creative baby room designs. Girl and boy baby room decoration samples. Baby room furniture suggestions for every budget. Here is a baby room decoration guide from A to Z …

Are you looking for baby room decorating ideas? We are here with a great baby room decoration guide that will make your job easier these days when you are in an exciting wait! Baby rooms are not only a sleeping area, but also an educational playground that will stimulate your baby’s imagination. Moreover, we are talking about a room that you will use as much as it. 🙂

Although decorating a baby room is a fun process, dealing with all the details can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Below, we shared A to Z baby room decoration ideas and inspiring examples that will guide you through this process. Good reading…

How to Decorate a Baby Room?

Choose a Theme

Maybe you have an idea or dream of what you want in your head. Be sure to do enough research before you start decorating a baby room instead of saying I wish later. Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration. However, you may get confused between cute and cool baby room decoration ideas. Don’t forget to follow our Pinterest account for great decoration ideas!

So when researching, focus on broad concepts such as color, style or theme. But don’t forget to save the cute details. Sometimes something as simple as a wallpaper sample, cute wall ornament or toy can inspire a whole nursery design! Deciding on a specific decoration style or theme will make it easier for you to choose everything from paint colors to furniture options.

Baby room decoration ideas usually include; Educational and imaginative themes such as safari, farmhouse, space road are preferred. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use a themed wallpaper, bedding set or carpet. You can also choose a more sophisticated, balanced, calm or more elegant concept for the baby room. For example, Scandinavian style or modern decorating styles are great choices for baby rooms.

Decide on the Color Scheme

If you have completed the first step, you have already decided about which colors to use. One of the most popular colors for baby room decoration is blue. Blue stands out in unisex baby room designs as it creates a refreshing and calming effect, especially with the sea and sky themes. Gray shades are also popular for baby rooms. It is often used in combination with pastel shades of white, pink, blue and yellow.

If you prefer vibrant colors instead of neutral colors for baby room decoration, use these colors in places where you can easily change them when you are bored. You can use dominant colors in details such as accessories or only on a single wall. Another way to use fun colors is to use vibrant colors in combination with pastel versions. For example; You can match green with sage, yellow with primrose, orange with apricot color.

Note: Whatever color you prefer for baby room decoration, do not buy paint at this stage! Our goal is just to decide on the color concept. A curtain, carpet or furniture that you like very much in the future may not match the wall color you choose. However, when it comes to paint, it is much easier to find the color tone you want.

Buy Basic Furniture

And it’s shopping time! You can now buy basic nursery furniture such as a cradle, changing unit, wardrobe and nursing chair. Once you have the large furniture in place, you should reconsider your design decisions. What will be the focal point, the wall you want to highlight? Where are the areas where you can place an extra storage unit?

Suggestion: Instead of buying baby room furniture as a set, you can create a more useful and stylish baby room design by bringing together the pieces you like in the appropriate size for your space.

Do Not Forget The Growth Share!
Think long term when choosing baby room furniture. Cradles may look extremely cute, but when your baby starts to walk will you have enough room to change for a cot? No room for both freestanding changing table and dresser? In the long run, you will benefit more from the dresser. By thinking ahead, you can save money and space.

Add a Comfortable Sofa and Blanket

You will probably spend plenty of time in the baby room in the first years. Do not forget to invest in your own comfort for this room that you will share for a while. 😉 Choose a comfortable seat when you breastfeed your baby, read fairy tales, fall asleep next to it.

A wooden rocking chair might look cool, but if you have a seat alone, give priority to a soft nursing chair. Choose ergonomic designs with high back and wide arms. It would also make sense to purchase a model that can be used in the nursery when your baby grows up.

Choose Textiles Before Dyeing

You may think that first painting the walls is necessary for decorating the baby room. However, as we mentioned before, it is easy to find wall paint in the color tones you want. The challenge is to match the color of the walls, with curtains, carpets and sofa upholstery. Therefore, we recommend that you start shopping by purchasing textile products. If you plan to use wallpaper, you should first choose the wallpaper pattern and then buy paint in a suitable color.

This does not necessarily mean that you need to buy colorful and patterned fabrics for the baby room. You can use neutral colors (such as beige and gray tones), soft woven fabrics (such as cotton-linen mix) and add color and pattern to the room with accessories.

Baby Room Curtain Selection

For the baby room, blackout – blackout curtains or blinds should be used in addition to the normal curtain. This allows the baby to sleep longer and more comfortably by completely darkening the interior during daytime sleep. It also prevents the room from getting too hot during the day and facilitates temperature control. So baby room curtain selection is important for your baby’s health as well as decoration.

Baby Room Lighting Selection

For the baby room, you should choose a soft and daylight-colored lighting. If the ceiling light is directly above the cradle, you can use a dimmer to adjust the amount of light. Also, don’t forget to use a night light. Although your newborn is not afraid of the dark yet, the night light will provide safety and comfort during night feedings. Be careful not to use stand-alone lamps. Choose a pendant or sconce type lighting that is out of reach when your baby starts to walk.

Baby Room Wall Decoration Samples

And it’s time to bring your project to life! Clear the room and cover the furniture. You can now paint the walls in your favorite color or cover them with wallpaper. Be sure to use a quality water-based, healthy (VOC-free) and stain resistant paint. Then ventilate the room for as long as possible.

Here are baby room wall decoration ideas to inspire you with baby room wall color and decorations:

Neutral Gray Walls

When it comes to baby room wall color, colors such as yellow, blue and pink come to mind at first. In fact, gray-white tones make a very good backdrop for baby rooms. Gray baby room walls are both timeless and you can easily update them by changing the wall accessories as your child gets older.

Colorful Walls

Do you have a chirpy baby room design in your dreams? You can stimulate your baby’s senses with walls painted in primary colors (red, blue, yellow), and develop your child’s imagination with an instructive pattern like the animal-patterned wallpaper above.

Creative Wall Accessories

Using wall accessories is an easy and affordable way to create a creative baby room decoration. Above you can see a very safe and fun wall accessory for the baby room wall, made of velcro fabrics. You can also make an educational and different version of it, consisting of cartoon characters, animal figures, planes or planets.

Tonsürton Baby Room Design

If you are looking for a simple but interesting theme for your baby’s room, this idea is for you! All you have to do is create a collage of different shades of the same color on your walls (even throughout the room). In the example above, a sea-themed, relaxing and spacious baby room design has been made with seagull patterned wallpaper and blue wall panel.

Note: Don’t Forget The Ceiling

Babies spend most of their time lying on their back. How would you like to decorate the ceiling in a way that develops your baby’s imagination? For example; By using paint, wallpaper, sticker and ceiling ornaments, you can make a design that appeals to your baby’s perspective. 🙂

Add Too Much Storage Space

When it comes to a baby room, you can never have enough storage space. You must create safe and strategic storage areas for clothes, cloths, aprons, linens, ever-growing toys, and more. Try to make good use of the gaps for all these. For example, you can buy a six-drawer cot or a changing unit with lockers. Additionally, you can use wall shelves and hangers.

When choosing baby room furniture, you should also consider its shape. Curved designs instead of pointed corner models make the room look larger as well as safe. Also, make sure that the drawer and cabinet doors are in such a way that their little fingers do not get caught when your baby begins to crawl. Alternatively, you can use fabric boxes placed on shelves.

Baby Room Decoration Art

We came to the most fun part of decoration! Although newborns and young children are unlikely to understand art, baby room accessories are an important part of decoration. 🙂 Accessories are a practical way to add texture and character to the room, as well as better reflect your chosen theme.

Ask yourself what touches will make the room more attractive to you and your baby. Use your imagination, remember this is the most creative and fun part of your home! Perfectly combine everything from printed cushions and pompom curtains, to fluffy blankets to cute toys. As wall accessories, it can frame animal paintings as above and hang on the wall; Similarly, you can get inspiration from a jungle or safari themed zoo.

You can achieve a richer baby room decoration by adding different colors and textures to the room with accessories. For example above; The mustard colored silky mosquito net, the potato sack effect toy bag, the macrame hanging on the wall and the wicker lighting add a rich style to the white color baby room decoration.

Baby Room Arrangement Suggestions

Do Not Forget Safety Precautions

Even if your baby is not moving yet, you will soon have to take many security measures inside and outside the room. Better remove all the risks from the very beginning. Secure furniture, put covers on electrical outlets, and hide wires. Install baby locks on windows, balcony doors and drawers. Stick the rugs to the floor so that it does not slip. Also remember to take precautions against choking hazards. Medicine, cream, etc. put things away in a safe place out of the baby’s reach.

Choose Environmentally Friendly Products

Decorating an environmentally friendly baby room is not only important for the planet, but also for your baby’s health. Many items that are used daily are full of harmful chemicals. As these harmful chemicals evaporate, they spread into the air and can make your baby sick. For this reason, we recommend you to use non-toxic, environmentally friendly products in the baby room. You can buy furniture and other items early to get them to air well, or you can use second-hand items as a healthier and economical option.

Get all the missing in advance

All the necessary supplies long before your baby is born; We recommend that you buy diapers, wipes and other baby care products and put them aside. Get your clothes early so you have time to organize your wardrobes comfortably. In short, make sure that your entire needs list is prepared and placed in advance.

Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute!

Plan your project calendar for baby room decoration early and start to apply. So there will be plenty of time for the new furniture and the newly painted room to air out. In addition, starting early allows you to complete this enjoyable process without stress and to spare enough energy and time for the baby room design of your dreams.

We hope that the baby room decorating ideas and examples we shared above have inspired you to design a great room for your baby. Don’t forget to visit our home decorating ideas page for inspiration on different decoration-related topics!