Diy Decorations

A Few DIY Gift Ideas

More and more people are enjoying making things themselves instead of buying everything ready-made. From boiling fruit and vegetables to making detergents yourself to upcycling that are no longer used, there are great DIY gift ideas for everyone. If you want to try it out first, it is best to start with a smaller one. Here we have collected a few instructions for you:

Gift Idea For Mother’s Day

Simply make soap yourself without lye, safety measures and chemical knowledge. The homemade heart-shaped soap is also great as a gift for Mother’s Day. It is easy to make soap hearts in white and pink and of course beautiful packaging shouldn’t be missing.

Tinker Coasters

First you knot the 2 strands of seaweed cord with the raffia. Then you start to roll the ends a little and sew a few times with the needle through the seaweed so that a stable starting point is created. When the first round is complete, you just stitch into the previous row and no longer in the middle. As soon as you have reached a stable middle, you can add your 2nd color. To do this, the new color is pulled through the previous loops on the back

Even with the new color, loops are formed from the outside in. I distributed the colors relatively evenly on 2 semicircles, but of course that is up to your taste.  If you use 2 needles, you do not have to thread the raffia again and again and can lead it to the required place when changing color on the back. If possible, the cord should be passed through previous cords so that the underside remains nice and flat. The raffia is now also sewn very close to each other, so that a raised edge is slowly created.

Dye Napkins With A Teardrop Pattern

The cloth napkins should actually not be washed hotter than 30 ° C. However, I tested it on one beforehand and it only ran in very slightly. I would recommend that to you too, or use a textile dye for low temperatures. But now to the teardrop pattern, one of my favorite patterns:

First you cut a piece of yarn so that approx. 3 cm protrude left and right at the edge when you place the whole thing on the edge of the fabric. Now you roll up the fabric more and more until you get a sausage. Then make a simple overhang knot in the ends of the cord and pull the whole thing together. Then it’s off to the dye bath. Then you open the thread with the scissors and can roll out the whole thing.