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Our toto toilet wont flush the water down. We plunged it to no avail, then we ran drain clearing baloons it wouldnt clear out. we keep removing the water with plastic pots. So we can try something else. Funny it worked fine till the plunger was used for the heck of it while cleaning the toilet. Any ideas or is it time to remove it from the floor and look inside? The toilet is a 4 week old lloyd model

Posted by jjbcool2000 on Feb 19, 2009

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Our toto toilet wont flush the water down. We plunged it to no avail, then we ran drain clearing baloons it wouldnt clear out. we keep removing the water with plastic pots. So we can try something else. Funny it worked fine till the plunger was used for the heck of it while cleaning the toilet. Any ideas or is it time to remove it from the floor and look inside? The toilet is a 4 week old lloyd model

Sounds like something is either in the bowl stuck or down in the waste line. I would probably pull the toilet and pour water down the waste line to see if it backs up or set the toilet up on something and pour water into the bowl to see if it comes out. At least it will help to find out where the problem is. Have you lost anything recently that might have fell in the toilet. Did something come off of the plunger and get stuck in the bowl?
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Kohler Cimarron elongated comfort height toilet not flushing correctly

Low water in the bowl is only caused by the float being to high! the gurgles is Usually because of air coming back up through the pipe, check your vent pipe that come out the roof. this will help the draining.
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New American Standard Flowise toilet won't flush

You have a sewer is entirely possible for other things to cause the toilet to loose water as they drain....but only if there is a sewer problem.....that is why there is an air gap between the toilet and the tank...(the trap) now I have been in this industry 35 years and the jet you speak of is in the bottom of the toilet that directs and forces flow down and out of the bowl as do the many small holes on the underside of the bowl lip ( I suspect I have seen it MANY MANY time in the paste) that your old bowl may have had lots of calcium or lime build up (using lime a away occasionally helps) in the holes under the lip as well as other places...which reduces water flow and there by reduces pressure......but what you are describing is definitely sewer related....other water sources causing water to drain...bubbles...etc..I had a similar problem that occurred about once every 2 years in one of my homes...I had a tree root growing into my sewer line would flush but on occasion...debris would get caught and a good plunging would help...but eventually...(twice) I had to rent a 3/4 inch snake from Time Rental...with a cutter head on it and remove the problem. Now your problem sounds exactly like an air gap that an overflow or something related is causing a vacuum assist when large amounts of water are drained...(ie...tub...washer...).as this happens the force the water carries and the lack of access to air in the flow causes vacuum "tugs" on other water sources attached to the sewer....take of your clean-out cover (usually in the back of the house and if you see water standing in it ....sewer problem....also you can have someone flush the toilet and eyeball the sewer/ see how it drains. I hope this helps....good luck...thank you for rating my effort...the Fang.
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I have a 3 bath rental. The last tenants were

I got rental units and no matter how much you tell them women to not flush tampons down the toilet they always do cause its not their house.  Now their making them tampons super absorbent and they even got wings to really grip onto the sewer pipe. You gonna have to do the nasty task of pulling up the toilet and looking down the sh.t hole for tampons or toys.  Also look at the base of the toilet hole for them tampons cause they like to hide out there also. While you got the toilet out, you might as well run you a snake down the sh.t hole and flush with a running garden hose.
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K-4763 Zofa soft close toilet seat

CLR .works well
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This is a new toilet for me. The bowl has a water level that seems low - 2 inches below the D-shaped bowl opening. The tank water level is a little over half full. This toilet always clogs with solids. If I add a pitcher full of water before I flush, it works better. If it clogs, the D-shaped bowl opening is not friendly with the usual round toilet plunger so it takes me all day trying sporadically to unclog it. There is a Geberit mechanism inside the tank. I can't see how to adjust it. I received no manual. Could the problem be below the toilet. Is it time to call the plumber?

Hi, if the toilet is really new as you have said, that means you have a problem (with 2 inches below the D-shaped bowl opening. The tank water level is a little over half full which is unusual), please call in the plumber to check below the toilet.Take care
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Toilet water wont go down

I have found on many occasions this problem was caused by an obstuction in the internal trap of the toilet. Everything from toothbrushes to Batman figurines have been removed from them. If you intend to do the repair yourself you can use a closet augerwhich is a manual cable snake tool that will be inserted into the bowl of the toilet and the cable ran through the toilet's internal trap to clear obstructions. You could also rent a hand held electric auger that is basically a drill with a drum attached with a drum with coiled cable inside that is shoved down the channel the same as the aforementioned product. This device take a bit of finesse and skill as the cable will try to kink and coil up as you go one can get injured doing this. If you find that the toilet is clear of internal obstructions you may have to pull the toilet up as the obstruction may be further down the line. If you rent a medium sized electric auger you can locate the vent stack for the toilet and run your cable down the vent from the roof so you may not have to pull the toilet. This method will only clear obstructions behind the vent connection and not the length from the connection of the vent to the toilet itself. If yo have an elevated house you may have access to a clean out that by most codes are at every change of direction greter or equal to ninety degrees. You also should test your water pressure if all else fails as that specific model must have at least 25 psi at the very least to operate correctly. Hope this helps you out.
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Toto CST853 cistern will not refill. Was fine yesterday. City is working on pipes and broke a water main last evening, all other faucets and toilets are working....can I clean the water filter or does it need to be replaced...I think that I have a debris clog..thanks

Alot of times you can turn the water off to the toilet and the tops of the fill valves usually pop or screw off. then if you put a small cup over the top of the fill valve you can turn it back on and flush the debris out and put it back together. if its a fluid master type you can pop the top off it. and turn the float arm a 1/4 to half turn and the whole top will come off
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