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No water at flush

I have a Eljer pressure assisted water closet model # 150 - 403. My problem is that it will flush fine, but at times it will not flush at all and we turn the water off and on and it will flush fine for a while the we have to repeat the on/off cycle. Thanks for your help.

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The water continue to run for a long time

You are probably going to have to replace the fill valve. There is a chance that adjusting it may work, but it has most likely become worn and partially clogged with hard watrer deposits, dirt, etc. This will cause it to fill slower, and cause the fill level valve to close slower resulting in higher water level. Eventually it would simply overflow the flush valve tube. Try adjusting the fill level, but plan on the likelyhood of replacing the fill valve.
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Toilet tank looses water over time

As long as there is no water leaking from the tank to bowl connection, you are OK. You would know if it was leaking here, because you would have water dripping out onto the floor. Verify that the water level in your tank is below the top of your new flush valve's overflow tube. If the water level comes to the top, it will overflow into the toilet bowl. This can be easily fixed with an adjustment to the fill valve. If the water is not overflowing into this tube, then the only way you can lose water is through the flapper. You said you changed the flush valve, which would have come with a new flapper attached to it, but maybe buy a new flapper and see what happens???
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No water at flush

Sound like the water shut-off needs to be replaced. if you turn on/off the shut-off, the tank get enough water to flush, then you get less water every time you use the toilet. that is the shut-off valve problem. you may able to to just change the rubber seal. I have not found change the seal will last as long as a new valve. better off, just change one.
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Toilet water wont go down

I have found on many occasions this problem was caused by an obstuction in the internal trap of the toilet. Everything from toothbrushes to Batman figurines have been removed from them. If you intend to do the repair yourself you can use a closet augerwhich is a manual cable snake tool that will be inserted into the bowl of the toilet and the cable ran through the toilet's internal trap to clear obstructions. You could also rent a hand held electric auger that is basically a drill with a drum attached with a drum with coiled cable inside that is shoved down the channel the same as the aforementioned product. This device take a bit of finesse and skill as the cable will try to kink and coil up as you go one can get injured doing this. If you find that the toilet is clear of internal obstructions you may have to pull the toilet up as the obstruction may be further down the line. If you rent a medium sized electric auger you can locate the vent stack for the toilet and run your cable down the vent from the roof so you may not have to pull the toilet. This method will only clear obstructions behind the vent connection and not the length from the connection of the vent to the toilet itself. If yo have an elevated house you may have access to a clean out that by most codes are at every change of direction greter or equal to ninety degrees. You also should test your water pressure if all else fails as that specific model must have at least 25 psi at the very least to operate correctly. Hope this helps you out.
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Always have to hold handle to get it to flush

Lift the lid,and look, flush, the rubber valve that opens when lever is is pulled should float, so either its very loose or broken and needs to be replaced.plz rate-bozcro
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No back flush pressure

Increase the tank water level half inch at a time till you have the back flush pressure. seems like the water in the bowl is too low to create any wirlpool.
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Elijer Diplomat toilet flushes perfectly, but after the water in the bowl takes forever to fill up again. You have to wait 10-15 min. before the water is up to normal level and it will then flush normally.

Pressure assisted toilets have a stainless steel tank that refills under lid,if your refilling bowl it only needs to fill trap for smell,the pressure assist does the rest,thats part of the water saving of the toilet,you don't have a lot of water in the bowl
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Flapper valve I installed a new 1.6 GPF toilet yesterday. ( TK Patriot Space Saver 6001058 Part number 141215096.) When flushing, the flapper valve closes too quickly not letting enough water out of the tank to do an adequate flush. I have not changed the lenght of the flapper valve lift chain from where the factory had it set. It appears to have a little slack when flapper valve is closed. What do I do to keep this valve open longer?

You will need to adjust the chain. They are just clipped at any point when coming from the factory not at the opyimal length. It will take a little effort to find the desired length as sometimes the trick to getting the valve to remain open longer is opposite of what one would expect. I mean there is a point to where there will be more slack in the line than you might expect to get the valve to stay open for the optimal duration. Hope this helps you.
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Eljer toilet my toilet clogges since dropping a blue water tab, but my question is what do i do to fix whenthe water rises and flushes very slowly?

1) Get rid of those tablets 2) carefully, remove remaining tablet in the tank. Try not to disturb the dissolving tablet. Try covering with small plastic bag, gathering the bottoom together and quickly lifting it out and into the trash. 2) Take either a wire hanger or nail and clean ou all of the small holes around the top of your toilet bowl, undetneath the rim of the seat ring. They are clogged with pill residue. 3) Inside base of bowl, at bottom front is an inlet the stirs the water sothat it all goes down. This inlet is probably clogged with a hard residue. Use either the nail or a serrated steak knife to chip away this residue. It is not slimy; it seems hard as stone and will come off a little at a time. 4) As the residue collects in bottom of bowl, flush toilet, until it works right. It will take a while. I know, I just did this ast night!!!
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