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Shower handle leak

I have an American Standard Colony shower faucet that leaks from the hot stem when either side is turned on. It follows the stem back on the hot side and leaks down into the basement.The inside of the wall must be soaked .. how do I stop the leak?

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Shower handle leak

Turn off main water in home . turn on tap some where in home to release presser take shower handle off (screw under cap) unscrew the tap with a wrench unscrew on insides you pull out replace washer put all back togethere
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We lost water flow to our bath tub faucet and associated shower head recently. I took off the shower head to confirm that the filter wasn't blocking flow there. We then had a plumbing company come out and take a look and they believed the issue to be with our Delta water mixer cartridge as there was a build up of sediment on the intakes and they could not clean it enough. I was able to track down a replacement cartridge but still nothing coming through. I then returned that in case the new cartridge was faulty. Still nothing. I turned the water back off, took out the cartridge completely and turned the water back on. Water comes gushing out of there into the bathtub so there is 100% no problem with water getting to the bathtub. If in theory the cartridge is working then after the handle is turned on it should then be pushing the water into the opening that goes into the copper pipe going to the faucet and shower head. These are new copper pipes which were put in within the last two years so it is impossible for there to be any kind of buildup on the pipe (sediment would not have been able to pass through Delta cartridge anyway). Water is not leaking as I can see the plumbing in the closet behind the tub. Drywall had been ripped out when plumbing work was done two years ago and not replaced. If the pressure was causing the water to get displaced anywhere else I would see it back there, but it is dry as a bone. Is it possible that all three cartridges (original plus two replacements) are all faulty? I have proven that water is getting to the point where the cartridge is installed but not getting beyond the cartridge. Is there something else I am missing? Installation of cartridge is cut and dry. It will only go in one way. I don't even have the whole assembly on while testing so I can leave the adjustment screw off and just using Vice-Grip to allow me to turn handle the whole way. Help !!!!!!!!!!

I'm thinking that the cartridge may not be turning with the handle. After attempting to turn the faucet on a few times, see if the teeth on it are worn.
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I have a Moen shower tub single handle from the

I took the parts to the Menards in town. Luckily I found the guy that knows it all! He showed me the rubber gasket( that holds the ball) to purchase as well as recommended that the 2 small rubber gaskets that were in there to be replaced as well while I had it open to avoid doing this in the future. I got home and replaced them and no leaks:) Thanks:)
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Hi, The tag on the 'Pegasus Tub & Shower Faucet', the label states Series 10,000 . 700 481. Is this the model number? The Description: It is... a polished chrome 'Tub & Shower Faucet 'it has three handles in white (w/interchangeable other white handles in the shape of an X). It was discontinued when I purchased it. But, I had it was installed on September 15th, 2014. The issue is that the right (third handle) has burst a leak behind the plate. I did not get a Manual with it. Can you help me? A plumber will need same in order to get replacement parts. Pleases help? Than you, Barrus

Do a google search for a manual .
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Leaking faucet I have what looks like a Talia tub filler w/o the hand held shower. It is not used much but recently the faucet has stated dripping. I have tried to hand tighten the handles but to no avail. I have the small decorative low roundish hot and cold water control mechanisms. I have taken the tops off, removed the screw and cover and further unscrewed the long tube-like piece but do not see any way to further tighten the valve to stop the water drip. Can you give me directions tro fix this problem.

Hi johnparker, The dripping is caused by the ceramic cartridge leaking. It is a non servicable part. Couldn't find the model number listed but here is a Talia schematic. The replacement cartridges are list as 4 and 5 in for hot and one for cold. Also consider replacing part #7 it is a seat. Good Luck and please rate this response, Phil
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When lever on tub spout is pulled up for shower use some hot water still comes out of the tub spout...reducing water pressure and temperature of water coming out of the shower head... Tub spout does NOT leak in off position..

2 things can be happing here depending on the age of the tub spout. If the spout is more than 5 years old, you may need to replace it. if not that old then you may have a screen filter blockage in the shower head itself. remove the shower head from the shower neck and see if there is anything in the filter. while you have the head removed, try the tub spout again and see if problem continues. this should guide you in the next step to either replace the tub spout or just clean the shower head screen filter. Hope this helps.
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Single knob for shower and tub wont stop running

I had the same problem, you need to shut off your valves and remove the handle that turns the water on and off. You need to turn the chrome front piece counter clockwise to remove it from the front of the unit. Pull the ball out and you should see 2 rubber o-rings with springs inside. My guess is that you have a bad o-ring that should be replaced. After you buy the kit from your local Home Depot, Lowes etc, you install the pieces the same way you removed them!
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I have a american standard 5" tub spout with diverter it leaks I'm going to replace it with another I cant get the old tub spout to come off It won'tspin off the 1/2" pipe how do I get this old tub spout to come off

Don't forget to turn your head upside down and look underneath the spout body.  There sometimes is a little star screw or phillips screw securing the spout.  After removing the little screw you can get you a 3/4" pipe thats about a foot long and stick it up the tub spout opening.  This will give you leverage to turn the thing loose.  Good luck cause getting this thing loose is a sometimes.
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Double check your installation. Is this a new shower Assembly? If so the parts that are with the new unit should work. As far as the leak double check that any part that needs pipe tape is installed. Make sure everything is seated properly and is tight. I am sure there are just a few simple oversights on the installation. Check the product sheets attached. All of them were downloaded from Moens site. Good luck...Jim
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