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The air intake control on my Eljer, Model 112-1800, bathub badly tarnished and I would like to take it off so it can be replated. How can it removed?

Posted by ecotton99 on Feb 01, 2009

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Air Control Systems; ... Most so-called shell leaks are actually leaks associated with jets or other fittings, ... which can be removed with a stiff brush.
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The air intake control on my Eljer, Model 112-1800, bathub badly tarnished and I would like to take it off so it can be replated. How can it removed?

All you have to do is unscrew it counter clock wise
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I had a spa installed that I bought at an auction. The spa is a Korral Steam Spa Model KC-8008. The book that came with this unit was poorly written. The jets on the tub part work fine. It is the TR002Y Steam Generator that is the problem. When initially hooked up directions on one set of papers said 220 GFI breaker and hookup required. Initially it did not work because the breaker was bad. The electrician came back out and replaced it. The red light on the panel in the tub came on. The water supply was on going to the tub. The panel was displaying 56 degrees and just shut off. My electrician really knew nothing about this spa so he suggested calling a spa specialist. The guy that came out knew nothing about my spa either. I got frustrated and started reading everything in the packet. I came across one sheet of paper that was labeled North American installation instructions. It stated that the unit was supposed to be wired for 110 not 220. I really can't hold the electrician responsible because the part that said 110 was on a separate piece of paper my husband neglected to give him. I located the information in the packet and talked to a company that sells the generator. They confirmed it is a 110 supply needed. The electrician feels bad because he followed the original instructions my husband gave him. The electrician wants me to find out if there is a fuse before he takes the generator apart. He said if there is a fuse he would be more than happy to replace it. He said he did not smell nothing that smelled burned and feels there may be a fuse that blew in the generator. He just doesn't want to take it apart to replace a fuse if there isn't one in there. He also said he would be more than happy to reinstall another steam generator, but we would have to buy it because my husband did not give him that piece of paper. He has never seen a spa like this before. He has hooked up plenty and never seen this type of spa. Our spa is a European spa and the book he was looking at specified a 220 ground fault breaker. The piece of paper I found that said American installation instructions said 110/30amp ground fault required for steam generator. I guess the TR002Y was placed in this unit here. I bought this at an auction. It was still in the crate. I have to make it work. So any knowledge on this generator would be an absolute plus.

Hello,please I want to get something clear. Do you want an instruction about a generator or about your Spa.Could you please summarize your question in a short sentence that would be more understandable.The question is too ambiguous.I hope to hear from you soon.Take care.
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Eljer Canterbury one piece remove flush valve

I had the same problem and contacted Eljer and they sent me the above instructions to make a tool to remove the flush valve.
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Button sticks on whitehaus faucet

I've encountered worn springs, and damged springs. You can purchase new springs at most hardware stores, make sure you take the one you have with you. Make sure the one you buy is the same diamiter and length.
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We are staying in a rented home with a spa bath. Attached to the spa bath is a hand held shower. The showerhead rests above the bath but the pipe coils somewhere between the tiles and the bath and can be pulled out when in use. The shower head has come away from the pipe and the pipe has dropped down into the gap. There is only a small hole in the actual bath where the shower was attached so I can not get in that way to reattach it. There is row of small black square tiles between the floor and the larger white tiles down the side of the bath. One of these black tiles looks like the grouting has been removed before. Would that be the way in? What is that tile grouted to? only the tiles surrounding it or would it be attached to something behind too?

The grout between tiles is just for filling the gaps. The tiles are glued to the wall, usually with "thin-set" mortar. Unless that mortar is in very poor condition it is unlikely that you would be able to remove that single tile without breaking it. The wall behind the tile might be water-resistant drywall (a poor quality situation) or it should be cement-board. I suppose it's possible that there is already a hole in the wall behind the tile, but the hole would be smaller than the tile, and assuming 4 inch (not large) tiles, this is a poor choice to gain access to the pipes. The usual access is through the wall from the other side. During initial construction, a removable access panel is sometimes provided (depending on local building codes and whims of the builder). If there is no access panel, and the other side of the wall is drywall, then cutting a generous hole, and fashioning a plywood panel (with trim around the edge to cover the gap between the drywall and the plywood) is a pretty standard and simple approach (depending on your skills). As an alternative and for more info, here's a link describing how to install a plastic snap-in access panel. Good luck!
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My home was built in 2001 and I am the second owner. I have a jetted tub for which I have no information. I have a push button start and when i push the button I hear a click in the area where the motor is but it does not come on. Do I have to remove the side panel to understand what the problem is? Looks like I would have to remove my baseboards and possibly some tile.

Your Tub should have GFCI protection for the power to the pump, it may be located behind a door or in a closet, If the GFCI has been tripped there will be no power to the pump motor. It should not be mounted inside the skirting because it should be tested regularly. Find and reset it and you should be in business.
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Old crane toilet, leak between tank and toilet, need new gasket.

You might try looking in an hardware store, or a plumbing shop that has been in business for a long time. Sometimes they have parts that can't be found elsewhere. I would take the old seal with you, if you still have it.
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I have a pioneer shower valve that has pressure problem

The way anti-scald valves work is there is a slide tube inside the faucet which requires pressure from both hot and cold or else it will cut off the flow. As for temperature adjust I do not believe there is an adjustment screw but more so there are these white plastic toothed stop rings which prevent the handle from turning 360 degrees. When your adjust the stop ring, it adjusts how much hot water is allowed to mix with the cold water. My wife likes her showers a lot hotter than I, so I gave a good allowance with the stop ring. The "adjustment screws" which you are viewing are not for adjustment of temperature, they are remote cut-off screws to stop the water entirely to change the washers in the unit if needed. SO open those all the way and leave them open. Think of them as not having to go all the way into the basement to shut off the water supply just to change a few washers.
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