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Water Temp not hot in shower

I have a Delta Leland faucet in the shower, the water temp is not hot enough. Can you please tell me how to remove the faucet so I can adjust the temp guard.

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Water Temp not hot in shower

You need an allen key to remove the handle once the handle is removed than you need to turn the grey plastic temp guide counter clockwise as far as possible
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Moen posi-temp for shower pressure

There is a little "o" ring in the shower inlet that is designed to collapse as the pressure increases, limiting flow. You can safely remove this and then have un restricted flow.
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No hot water

Hes right adjust the temp. ring to hotter
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Shower faucet does not switch to hot.

Hi,This has happened to me in the past and had exactly the same symptoms but with a different valve. Before trying the below, it may make sense to be 100% sure that hot water is definitely getting to the valve .. can you get access to touch the hot feed pipe to make sure that it is in fact the valve at fault.The following could be the issue:1. The shower valve has a bit of dirt or gunk in it and is unable to allow the hot water through. It can happen with a very small amnount of dirt and is a real pain as it requires disassemble of the entire valve assembly.2. The valve has failed and needs to be replaced - This was the solution to mine and was also significant in terms of effort.Hope this helps, if so please leave feedback, if not let me know and I'll try and help some more!
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When I shower, the handle is at 2:30, and I'd like to be at 12:00 for the perfect mixture. Obviously the water is too hot, but I can't adjust the water heater (gas) temp down or else the hot water in kitchen is not hot enough. I have a Kohler faucet in kitchen...not sure if there is a valve regulating temp there. This is a recent installation & I have access behind the shower.

Here are the instructions for your faucet go down to the adjust temp stop limits section, and your home free Good Luck
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No water flow

Did this unit come with water stops built into the faucet body? Some of the newer faucets have stops built in and they need to be turned on. Also if you aren't going to plumb the hot in, you will need to cap it off but it should run without it unless it has some sort of balance in it. I don't think so though.
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I installed a moen posi temp faucet, but it never had good hot water flow. If I remove the cartridge and turn on the hot water then I have plenty of hot water shooting out. The cold water comes out fine. I replaced the cartridge with a new one and nothing has changed. Any solution?

In most cases, the knob has been installed upside down. To correct this simply: Remove handle cap and the Phillips screw under the cap. Pull the handle off the faucet. Now replace the handle, only this time, make sure the point of the waterdrop handle is pointing downward to the six o'clock position. Replace the Phillips head screw and handle cap. The next reason could be' It is possible that the balancing spool is stuck due to non-use. Replace the cartridge to correct this situation. To prevent future issues, use the faucet at least once a week.You could try gently tapping the valve and run in under hot water in a sink and see if any deposits come out. It could be from hard water, rust, minerals etc.I had a problem with one before and contacted Moen and they sent me a new valve for freeCall: 1-800-Buy-Moen (1-800-289-6636)Or you can email them at the link below. believe this should answer your question, Thanks for using FixYa
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Low hot water pressure on Moen Single-Handle Shower Only posi-temp shower control. Cold water pressure is fine. Hot water pressure elsewhere in house is ok. Cold it be the cartrige -- lime buidlup, etc.?

I think you are on the right track. The first thing I would do is change the cartridge. While you have the valve apart examine the inlet ports as good as you can to see if there is any mineral buildup. You can use a short length of a small gauge mallable wire to run into water ports to se if you can break anything loose. Another thing you can do is to turn supply stop on slightly while you have the valve disassembled to wash any particles out. Hope this helps you and thanks.
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We have a home that is 3 years old. We never used the 3rd bathroom shower until today. We have a Moen single knobe shower/bath valve. To get water from the faucet you pull the knob out. To adjust the water temp - Left for hot and right for cold. When rotated to the left for hot the water shuts off. When rotated to the right we get only cold water. Could the valve be installed wrong or could the cartridge be installed wrong? Kevin

Remove handle to gain acess to the temperature limit stop. Remove handle and pull out handle adapter kit and next there is a dail that can be adjusted to control the water to balance the temp. It could have been installed wrong, pay attention to where it is now and pull it back to it disengages out of the stem and move it counter clockwise a little and reinstall. Put handle on and test water for correct movement. Go to link below for a part's diagram if needed. TO ORDER PARTS CALL: 1-800-465-6130
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I just put in a Moen single, chrome handle shower faucet in my hall bath. Got it all together and the hot water is not comming out. Cold water is fine, but, when i turn the handle to the position where the hot water is suppose to come out...nothing but a trickle. Valve issue or did I just not install correct? Any solutions?

If this is a Moen posi temp valve you may need to adjust the temperature limit stop. It is located under the handle. Usualy a plastic peice with grooves in it so it fits in another peice in the valve. If I remember right you pull this peice out and turn it counter clockwise to get more hot water. Do this in small increments and reassemble and test. I hope this helps.
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