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Bathtub caulk turning dark color in spots?

About 4 years ago I had the bathroom remodeled. A new surround wall enclosure and a tub put on top of the old one. It all still looks great except the caulking between the tub and the wall enclosure. Its not coming off and still looks smooth and not breaking up. But, in the past year its gotton dark spots in it. Not along the entire bead, but just in several places. We have tried to use several cleaners, but nothing touches it. We use city water, and there is no sign of mold anywhere else in the bathroom or the house. We had a new ventalation fan put in at the time. So is there a way

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The tiler used Custom grout color ... Grout Discoloration on New Shower ... But now we are not sure if it will ever completely dry out as it is mottled with dark spots.
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Bleach stains on bathtub. ... I have yellow brown stains with some very dark brown stains. ... it was full of white/yellows spots, like the color had "melted".
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How to Remove Mold from Caulking. ... I cover the length of that caulk line with ... Use gloves and wear clothes that you don’t mind if they get bleached spots ...
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How to Remove Mildew Molded Caulk From Your Bathtub | Hunker

Tool the caulk by running your finger over it, wiping your finger frequently on a rag to keep it clean. Let the caulk cure overnight before using the bathtub.
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Bathtub caulk turning dark color in spots?

Ibelieve it is mold and the best thing to do unfortunately is re caulk it but use amold resistant caulking(kitchen and bath dap)
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My pearl whirlpool bathtub has turned on mysteriously when no one is home and no water in the tub...only one years old! Is this a sensor problem? Motor problem? touch-pad control problem? Please help, I paid a lot of money for this tub and I don't want it starting up and causing a fire or destroying the tub.

Sorry, didn't realize I would need to pay money for the answer. I will deal with Pearl bath on my own. Thanks for the help, please remove my email from your mailing list.
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American Standard bathtub tap noise

Possible that the pipe's are not,secured properly in wall. and you did not say what kind of faucet you have, but if it has washer's,the screw's that hold them, may be loose.
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The threaded knob should not be related to the problem, it just controls how much air gets mixed into the water jets. One possibility is that the electricity is off. These tubs should receive power through a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) type of circuit breaker for your protection from electrical shock. Check your circuit breaker panel(s) for a breaker with a little square white or yellow "test" button. Refer to the label (if it is there) to see if it refers to "tub" or "spa" or "bath" or something like that. You may have to turn the breaker handle off (push extra hard to make it reset) and then back on again. If the breaker handle is in the "on" position and the "test" button does not "trip it off," call an electrician. If no luck there, check the bathroom for an electrical outlet with GFCI protection, again looking for white or yellow (or red) buttons - one should be engraved "test" and the other "reset" as the electrician (I hope it was an electrician) may have supplied the tub from this outlet (not actually up to code). Plug an appliance or light into the outlet. If it doesn't work, push the reset button on the outlet and test again. If working, now test the spa. If that doesn't work, test every other GFCI outlet you can find - in the kitchen, other baths, garage, outdoors, basement, etc. using the same testing procedure. If you find a GFCI breaker or outlet "tripped" that restores the tub, that indicates there is something wrong with your electrical system that could cause you to get electrocuted, and requires that you hire a qualified electrician to investigate the problem. The same is true for any GFCI outlet that does not "trip" and/or "reset." If this doesn't fix the tub, the problem may not be electrical but some other problem with the system, indicating a plumber or spa tech may need to be consulted. Note: these GFCI breakers and outlets are supposed to be tested and reset once every month. How many of us do that? Well, at least as often as we test our smoke detectors, I suppose.
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Need to know how to access the motor on my whirlpool tub

Yes you should have an access panel to the pump somewhere. It sounds like you have already found it. You may want to get a qualified electrician involved. There are at least three sources of possible failure. The first and least expensive is that the motor tripped the ground fault interrupter and just needs to be reset. The second is that the switch has gone bad. The third and most expensive is that the pump is broken and needs to be replaced.
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Indoor jacuzzi bathtub problem

Just add 1/2 cup bleach to a full tub of clean water, turn on the jets. Grab a small goldfish strainer / net and scoop out the moldy chunks. Keep cycling the water until most of the chunks are gone. Drain the rub, refill and add 1/2 cup bleach again, repeating the process. The problem is caused by water left in the lines after use, and it turns moldy. After each use...drain the tub completely, then turn on the jets for about 10 seconds. This will purge the lines of any standing water. Fill the tub with clean water and cycle the jets with bleach once a week to prevent any further problem. Hope this worked for me, I had the same problem.
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My American Standard jacuzzi corner tub has a pump problem

Check that the pumps hoses are clean and noting is blocking the air. if the pumps have gone bad possibly get it repaired or replaced.
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Clogged suction line in bath whirlpool

It sounds like something got sucked into your pump impeller, you can try sucking it back out with a wet vac but my bet is that you'll have to open the pump to clean it out. If the marble skirt is the only acccess to the pump it will need to be removed but look for another way first, they can be difficult to reinstall and make look good. If your careful, the pumps can be opened and cleaned without much trouble, Use your wet vac to suction anything left out of the pump suction line and make sure the pump discharge and distribution lines are clean as well. Pump case should have an "O"Ring seal that should be replaced but may be cleaned, lubricated and reused if not dammaged Good Luck, this is the kind of job the service tech's make there money on.
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I purchased an American Standard Cadet Spa 5 at Home Depôt and had a plumber intall it. The problem is that the back jets shoot water all over the bathroom. The speck sheet on American Standard web site (canada) states that the back jets are adjustable, but even when they are turned off the water still sprays all over the bathroom. Is this problem fixableÉÉ

The water in the tub needs to be higher than the jets!
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