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Saniflo works in short burst when not flushed eg in night

The saniflo starts to work even when no one has use the system this happens about once an hour

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Saniflo FAQ Saniflo Problems ... to turn on or worst case scenario the motor is not working at all and you ... My Saniflo is activating in short burst’s ...
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1. Description The macerating ... and that the discharge hose is not kinked. Flush the WC checking that all seals, ... the unit will run in short bursts with an ...
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They are quiet loud and very intrusive if someone has a call of nature during the night. ... to the tank in short bursts, 5 or ... flush works only when I push ...
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The Sanipack will activate automatically following the flush of your WC or inflow from ... except for the initial short run at the pump ... eg pump sounds different ...
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Saniflo works in short burst when not flushed eg in night

Sound to me that the toilet is over filling and in doing so water will over flow down the pan. This is definately what I would check first!
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Sanibest toilet is LOUD when flushed

Shut down the power and pull the pump from the unit and give it a exam. There might be something as simple as a item that was flushed down the toilet (pencil, pens, combs, etc.) or just a hair clump. Check that the float is free to track fully up and down. Good Luck!
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Our Saniflo - Saniplus works fine and efficiently when we flush the toilet, if we use the shower or bath,when emptying the water the flow is not as strong/as much pressure like a toilet flush & the Saniplus becomes really noisy, it makes a loud grinding noise likes its struggling. Is it to do with the amount of water going through the pump? And is there anything we can do??

Sounds like a restriction in the outlet pipe, the 2 galls from a flush are OK but the bath or shower is more, especiallly if you have flushed before you shower, try drain unblocking chemicals or flushing the outlet pipe with mains water from a hose
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Describe your Saniflo &

Your p-trap is dry . the guy who did it probably didn't vent it properly, and it's being syphined. call him back to fix it.
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How do I know if the macerator is working if I flush the toilet I acn hear the pump start and see the 22mm outlet pipe vibrating as water is pumped thru it. But I'm not sure if macerator is working. Does this start when I flush or just periodically. How can I test it to hear if its working. Does it make a differnet sound the pump?

If you flush the toilet at least 3 times and water does not back up on the toilet then is working. In case the pump fails the pump will fill up about 3 to 4 gallons of water before it overflows or backs up. You can also try disconnecting the discharge pipe off the discharge elbow and place a bucket at the end of the discharge elbow and flush the toilet into the bucket, if water is discharged into the bucket then is working properly.
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Loud grinding noise from unit when flushed like

Take the pump out and haul it outside and spray it off and check in the bottom of the pump to make sure there isn't anything stuck in there. then shop vac the bottom of the tank out to make sure there isn't anything funky in there that would get clogged in the pump. sometimes the out let line gets clogged as well you can buy a drain king ( it's a rubber deal that hooks on the end of a hose and when you turn water on it swells up and sprays water out) then stick it in the outlet pipe and let her rip and see if it lets the water through.
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Saniflo Top: Pump

Indicates perhaps a faulty pressure switch. otherwise: this happens often in hard water areas due to build up of limescale. Use a descaling agent (acidic) to clean the saniflo - can be introduced via the toilet bowl.
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Our saniflo system works ok, its just when left idle, the pump seams to start up every 40 secs. I've flushed it and held up the ball **** and it stills does it. Any ideas?

One thing to check is the check valve may be leaking back, float may be faulty, toilet maye be leaking and filling tank causing pump to come on. Check out this link with a trouble shooting guide for this unit. This first kink has information on different types of Santiflo systems. This next link has a trouble shooting guide that covers these issues.
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Saniplus only works intermittently

It is most likely the membrane on the pressure switch, sometimes they become stiff or deformed from hard water. It can be avoided/solved using either the Saniflo Descaler or White Vinegar. It is a replaceable part, cost is about $40+ shipping and it is dirty but fairly easy repair. Basically the membrane is less flexible then is should be so it will not allow the switch to activate or shut off as it should. The Descaler is $37.40+ shipping. I tell my customers to descale with white vinegar about once every other month. You unplug the pump, pour about 3/4 gallon of white vinegar down the sink drain which floods the pump with vinegar, let it sit for a few hours then plug back in which will kick on the macerator then flush several times, repeat if needed. If I can help let me know, Mark The SanifloStore
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