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Water is either hot or cold

I had a new handle installed . whenit is straight up it is off . when you turn it to the right it is cold . when you turn it to the left it is hot. Shouldn;t it be off at the bottom and rotate from right to legt(cold to hot )?

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Water is either hot or cold

Yes, the valve should be close at the downward postion. and the water should be clod to hot from left to right. open the handle and pull out the cartridge. make sure the valve body is installed right side up. if it is, insert the cartridge with the lock pin on top. reinstall the handle.
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Moen posi-temp for shower pressure

There is a little "o" ring in the shower inlet that is designed to collapse as the pressure increases, limiting flow. You can safely remove this and then have un restricted flow.
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We have a home that is 3 years old. We never used the 3rd bathroom shower until today. We have a Moen single knobe shower/bath valve. To get water from the faucet you pull the knob out. To adjust the water temp - Left for hot and right for cold. When rotated to the left for hot the water shuts off. When rotated to the right we get only cold water. Could the valve be installed wrong or could the cartridge be installed wrong? Kevin

Remove handle to gain acess to the temperature limit stop. Remove handle and pull out handle adapter kit and next there is a dail that can be adjusted to control the water to balance the temp. It could have been installed wrong, pay attention to where it is now and pull it back to it disengages out of the stem and move it counter clockwise a little and reinstall. Put handle on and test water for correct movement. Go to link below for a part's diagram if needed. TO ORDER PARTS CALL: 1-800-465-6130
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Posi temp valve has hot and cold water reversed.  When the water is turned on, hot water comes out first.  As the handle is turned further counter clockwise, it becomes colder until only cold as handle is turned to maximum position.

Shut off the water, pull the handle and turn the cartridge 180 degrees. then put it back together
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Single handle balances cold & hot. First cold then hot at full counterclockwise rotation. Only a trickle of cold coming through but hot side works fine. Appears to be a ball valve. What could the problem be?

There could be dirt in the cartridge or the integral cold side shut off is not fully open. the integral shut off has a slot for a screw driver. the slot is to face the same direction as the pipe coming into it to be open and straight up and down to be off.
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Moen single handle valve tub/shower

The Moen Posi-Temp Valve is a pressure balanced valve and when not used for long periods of time they can stick causing only cold or hot water to pass through the valve. A New Posi-temp cartridges can be purchased at most plumbing supply houses or big box outlets such as Lowes or Home Depot. As long as you had cold water before, a new cartridge will solve the problem. In the future it would be wise to occassionally operate the valve at least a couple of times a month in order to keep the pressure assembly from becoming lodged in position. Just follow the instructions included with the new cartridge on the proper removal of the old cartridge and the installation of the new cartridge. a little silicone grease inside of the valve before installing the new cartridge will also help. Be sure that there is no particles of the old cartridge left in the valve. sanray
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Posi -temp shower fixture. Can't seem to regulate the hot water. When the hot tank rest over night its temperature goes down. So if you take a shower in the morning then only luke warm water at best. During when the hot water tank is used for other household applications ( more daytime use) the hot water has a higher temperature and you have turn the shower down (add cold water) or else it becomes too hot. So how can we regulate the shower temperature? I'm having the hot water tank inspected for its operation but is there other solutions we should be looking at? thanks for your advice-- liard_acres

That sounds like the thermocouple within the heater to me.There are 2 sections within the thermocouple.A reference section(what you want it to be) and an actual reading section.The difference between the 2 twists 2 pieces of metal which are different elements and causes a signal to activate/deactivate heater.It is simple but surprisingly accurate usually within 2 degrees F.Whatever is going on,it seems awful backwards.Checking the heater is definitely the best first choice.The shower hood is not likely to affect the system unless it had it's own heat or something.That is not the 'normal'function though.Also,after you do get it fixed,we have our water temperature set so that taking a shower requires very little cold water.Saves on water and power because hot hot water is only really needed if you have infants.Ours may be about 140F,150F,160F,don't remember exact and it's hard to access.Set a temp and let sit 24 hours and try it after it's fixed.Probably adjust in about 10 or 15 degree increments,depending how far off it feels compared to what is tolerable.Good luck,Greg If you have any questions or need more help,just comment here and I will get an autolink to your post and reply ASAP.Greg
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No water flow

Did this unit come with water stops built into the faucet body? Some of the newer faucets have stops built in and they need to be turned on. Also if you aren't going to plumb the hot in, you will need to cap it off but it should run without it unless it has some sort of balance in it. I don't think so though.
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I have been strugling with water flow after replacing a single handle tub and shower cartridge. I have no flo. They have pex plumbing. the shower has not been used for a while and at the time they were only getting cold water out, now I get no h2o.I flushed the system out with out the cartridge and hot h2o is present but when cartridge is in no h2o.

Look inside the valve with a flashlight and make sure a rubber peice of the cartridge did not plug the cold side this cartridge needs hot and cold water to function it has a built in balancer that prevents scalding also make sure its not shut down at a manabloc system in the mechanical room if this helped you please feedback vote thanks
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No... on my single handle posi temp it off with the handle in the up position only cold water when pushed to one side and hot to the other side no mixture of water

Hi,It seems as though you may have the wrong cartridge....or it was damaged on installation...or it is plugged with debris and needs to be flushed...Click here for a sheet that will help you with all of these possible problems...Comment back if you have any more questions...heatman101
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