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Non-slip surface is dirty, discolored

Eljer tub is 8 yrs old, has non-slip areas "embedded" (not stick-ons) all over the bottom of the tub. They are discolored. Tried using various hh cleaners, bleach and water, TSP. Nothing works. What else can I do?

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cleaning non - slip surface in tub - Houzz - GardenWeb

cleaning non-slip surface in tub. ... one very dirty and one notsomuch. ... I thought I was doomed to live with a discolored tub surface.
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Cleaning the bathtub slip resistant bottom: OMG, it's like ...

Aug 05, 2012 · » Bathrooms FAQs » Cleaning the bathtub slip resistant ... it around to cover the entire non-skid surface. ... of my feet were dirty when I took a ...
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How to Clean a Non-Slip Bathtub - Decoist

While it didn’t remove the dirty non-stick residue on ... the tub to get rid of the discoloration. ... figured out that my tub is an actual non-slip surface.
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cleaning stained non slip tub (floor, bathtub, cleaner ...

Oct 31, 2014 · cleaning stained non slip tub (floor ... I am embarrassed for anyone to see it because it just looks dirty. ... have all the surface damage from all those ...
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Solid Surface Showers vs Tile: Get the Grout Out | Benefits ...

... it has a reduced chance of displaying unsightly discoloration. Solid surface can also ... solid surface shower bases have a non-slip surface ... to dirty and ...
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How to clean bottom of 2004 Kohler tub? | Terry Love Plumbing ...

How to clean bottom of 2004 Kohler tub? ... that the problem is not that the skid-resistant surface is dirty, ... but not on Safeguard slip-resistant surface.
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Top 5 Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Floor Problems | Covertec ...

Top 5 Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Floor ... Discolored or Dirty ... we offer GlazeGuard with a variety of non-slip additives that will give you a tile floor ...
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How to Clean Non-Slip Treading in the Bathtub

Jenn asked: How can I clean the non-slip tread on my porcelain tub? The tub is less than 5 years old, in great shape, but the non-slip surface on the bottom of the ...
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3 Easy Ways to Clean Tough Stains from a Bathtub - wikiHow

Oct 20, 2016 · How to Clean Tough Stains from a Bathtub. ... grime and discoloration so that they can wiped away with ... Remove Sticky Residue from Non Slip Items in ...
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Non-slip surface is dirty, discolored

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AquaSense by AquaGlass

The control & pump you have is no longer being made. (It hasn't been made for well over 5 years) Your new system will include the following items: · New Pump · AirStreme Control box and topside control You will change out everything from the old system with the new system. The new topside panel replaces the one on the top of the bathtub and the pump will hook up to the same plumbing as the old one. No cutting PVC pipe to get this installed. US Parts Center
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12 year old fiberglass tub originally white, now

Home depot sell a bath tub remodelation kit. it cost about $40 .
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Water pump Question

Ensure that the water pump is turned off then locate the water pump in your RV. Typical locations are under the dinette, under the bed, or in a cabinet near the sink. If you can't find it, turn on a faucet and locate the noise coming from the pump (this should be really easy!). A typical water pump will be secured by 4 screws. Remove these 4 screws and slip a rubber mouse pad under the pump. Re-secure the pump being careful to not over tighten the screws. Using a mouse pad will help absorb the vibrations from the pump to the floor. Next, we will locate the rattling water pipes. Turn on the pump. Have a friend open and close any faucet while you try and locate where the clanging noise is coming from. Typical areas are where the cold water pipe passes through or runs along a cabinet wall. In this case, the cabinet acts like a sounding board and creates a lot of noise. Take some 1/2" foam pipe insulation and wrap the pipe where it rattles against the cabinet or flooring. It should slip right over and not require any securing to the pipe. But a little duct tape on each end of the insulation wouldn't hurt. Repeat this step until you have insulated all rattling pipes. Sometimes the water pump can rapid cycle on and off (cycling ON/OFF in less than 2 seconds) during low flow conditions. This can cause pulsations in the water system and create noise. To determine if adjustment is necessary, turn a faucet ON to lower than average flow of water. The pump should cycle, but its "OFF time" must be 2 seconds or longer. If the cycling is correct, no adjustment is necessary. If the pump is cycling rapidly, increase the setting by turning the adjustment screw (see image) clockwise (1 turn MAX.) until the pump operates for 1 sec. with at least 2 sec. "OFF time".
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Water pump troubleshooting

Turn the engine off and open the hood. Locate the water pump pulley. The pulley is the round part that the belt is attached to. To find it, look for the belts. You will see more than one pulley. Your car will have an alternator with a pulley and perhaps an air conditioner, power steering and smog pump pulleys. If you are unsure, ask your mechanic to point out the water pump pulley. Grab opposite ends of the round pulley and check for "play" (looseness): Try to rock it back and forth. There should be no give. If there is, the bearings are going and it's time to replace the water pump. By the time you can feel play in the water pump pulley, you may also be able to hear the bad bearing when the engine is running - there may be a low-pitched grinding noise coming from the water pump pulley. Visually check the water pump (it's located behind the pulley) for signs of a coolant leak. If the water pump gasket is leaking, it must be replaced. This is a good time to get a new water pump, too, unless it was just recently replaced.
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Difference between acrylic and fiberglass

Acrylic is a solid sheet material that is heated and vacuum formed to the desired shape. It is then reinforced at the back with fiberglass to give it strength. It is a higher-end material, very durable and super easy to clean. Fiberglass is a material that adheres to a mold and then a gelcoat finish is sprayed onto it. The most common material used in tubs and showers and is the most economical. Cast iron tubs are forged and the finish is applied in powder form while the tub is hot causing the finish to melt onto the cast iron. Synthetic tubs are molded and then a gelcoat finish is applied like the fiberglass tubs.
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Aqua glass jetted tub quit working

Hello. There are two reset buttons in the mechanical space or your tub. You should be able to access that area from the front by removing a few screws. it is not uncommon to have to push those reset buttons after a power outage. If you do need a repair I recommend that you call a store that sells hot tubs as they will have a technician on staff or be able to guide you to one. Regards, Joe PS kindly rate my answer as helpful.
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Water leaking due to faulty knob on jacuzzi whirlpool

Replace rubber wasers
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Aquglass jet tub will only humm no bubbles out of none of the jet

When a motor hums, it usually is the result of what is called "locked rotor." This can occur when the motor's brushes remain on one pair of the commutator contacts. The magnetic field does not shift to the next set of windings and the rotor is locked in place by the unchanging magnetic field. If you have access to the motor, turn on the power briefly and place your hand gently on the side of the motor. Probably you will feel the vibration of the hum you are hearing, together with some heat. In locked-rotor condition, the motor draws high amperage and heats up quickly. Turn off the power.If this is the condition, the motor is shot and needs to be replaced. You should copy down the information from the name plate (model and serial number, manufacturer, horsepower, amperage, etc.) and contact the manufacturer or a local appliance parts store about a replacement.As you said that you recently bought the house, you may have a home-owners warranty which may cover the appliance.
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