Shower diverter problem

My shower was leaking water through the faucet (just a small stream), so I decided to replace the washer in the diverter. The washer was pretty shot. After replacing it, the water works fine through the faucet, but when I turn it to the shower I got nothing. I losened the packing nut (? the outer nut on the diverter) and I got a little dribble out of the shower. This diverter sends water to the faucet when the handle is turned to the right and closing the valve and allows water to flow out of the valve when turned to the left (to the shower).Any ideas why this would work before I replaced

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Shower diverter problem

It is very possible that a piece of rubber from the old washer or some debris has found its way into the shower diverter or the showerhead. The first thing to try, is to take off the showerhead and see if you get water without it. If you get water then your problem is solved!!! Puchase a new showerhead or take apart the old one and soak it in CLR or Lime-Away to clean it. If that doesn't do the trick than, Turn off your water supply to hot and cold. Remove the diverter (if possible) and inspect for debris. If you want you can also take out the hot and cold stems for a total inspection of the inside of the faucet. You can then flush out the inside of the faucet cavity with a Turkey Baster or something to that effect. Put it all back together ( use a bit of vasaline on all the rubber washers so they do not get stressed when re-installing) and you should be able to take a shower.....Also, if it was a cartridge you replaced, you may have inserted it 180 degrees opposite......Hope this helps.....Joe

I have a delta tub shower faucet with a pull-out diverter. The model is "Delex" by Delta as stamped on the cover plates. I have not had any luck finding a replacement diverter. Neither Delta U.S nor Delta Canada represetives are familiar with this type. The faucet has two handles spaced 8" apart with the diverter in the middle. Also, it appears the diverter is frozen into the rough-in and nothing for a socket to "grab" onto so removal of the diverter has been a problem. Removal of the hot and cold valves went well and they were easily replaced by the Delta RP1740 valve assemblies. Any advice on identifying a replacement part for the pull-out diverter and how to remove the old one would be most welcome.

Take the details to a plumber supply shop ( where the tradies get their parts ) and discuss the problem with them it is very possible that there are other makes that will fit in the holes to replace the delta unit
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Need new cartridges for shower and tub/shower...but which one???

Here is all the information you need ... select the option in the middle of the screen, like ( 1. Is your faucet in the Bathroom or the Kitchen?)You can order from this site online else callCall: 1-800-BUY-MOEN (1-800-289-6636)8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday thru Friday8:00 am to 6:30 pm on Saturdays ESTClosed on Sundays and all nationally observed holidaysThanksKindly rate the answerKevin
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I recently had a new Moen Posi Temp shower valve installed. I'm having an intermittent problem now. At various faucet handle positions, the valve will start sputtering and vibrating. The only way to stop it is to move the handle to another position to change the temperature and then move it back to the original position. - I opened up the shower wall from behind and strapped all the pipes down securely and the problem still exists. With the valve exposed I heard a harsh ticking sound in the valve as the water was sputtering. Can someone please help me? It would be much appreciated.

This problem is in the head of the valve itself. These faucets are complex systems and I have seen many improperly installed. When you pull the cover off (it has an O-ring to create enough friction to keep it in place) you will see a ring with teeth and possibly molded to fit inside the cavity in one of two or four positions. Additionally there are two tiny cups that go behind the head of the shower valve to prevent sputtering . The water must be turned off and lines opened before this is even opened. It sounds to me like one of those little plastic cups is misaligned, possibly leaving just enough space for water under pressure to escape past the wall of the cup, which creates the "sputtering". Only professionals should attempt to install these, and I have even come behind pros that did not understand how they had to be installed. My recommendation is to call back the installer, have him pull it all out, replace that damaged cup and put it back together. You should watch him do it, so that you see what was wrong in the installation. Properly installed there is no way this kind of thing happens. Dan
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Leaky posi temp shower valve

Coming from the uk it sounds that when you mention it leaks at night its a possibility thats when the water pressure increases & the valve starts to drip? i know its not a solution but it may help you understand why its dripping at night. Also the seals might be damaged in which case thats why its dripping check them for damage. make sure when you put the new cartridge in that you put some silicone grease around the seals as this helps the insertion & helps protect the seals from damage. Kindly Richie
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Moen monticello shower control, remove handle

If your Posi-Temp has no water coming through the valve my first step would to replace the cartridge (Moen pn 1222). The valve as a simple one. Get the part first so you can ues the plastic tool that comes with it if you need to. Beneath the actual lever insert on the handle hub you will notice a small hole. this is to gain access to the allen head screw which holds the handle in place
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Replaced shower valve. still drips from tub spout

The cartridge has 2 or 3 o-ring type seals around it that feed the water through, it picks up both hot and cold and mixes them. Some cartridges are replaced as one, some you have to replace the seals, just take the faucet info to the hardware store and match it up. I think the diverter is for the shower. It sends the water up instead of out.
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