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Shower head leaks water when water is turned on

Installed the moen single lever posi temp bath fixture and when i turn on the water to fill the tub the shower head leaks water. what can i do to correct this. The faucet is 17" below the valve body, and the shower is 36" above it

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Shower head leaks water when water is turned on

Take out the cartridge from the fixture and make sure it has all of the "O" rings and stoppers. look at the instruction again, make sue you are installing it the right side up. if all that, the shower still leak, then you need to talk to the place you brought the fixture, it may have a defective cartridge.
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Water leak thru valve when turn to shower

A lot of shower diverters do may need a bigger seal on the diverter..if you can remove the spout assembly from the tub(with the diverter valve in it) and take it all to the hardware store.. see if they have a different seal/diverter that has a snugger fit but still falls to drain the shower head line out..that will slow that leakage..the spout is on a pipe and unscrews counter clockwise(normally)unless its a single valve unit..with the wide ring around the back..then that calls for a plumber..
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We lost water flow to our bath tub faucet and associated shower head recently. I took off the shower head to confirm that the filter wasn't blocking flow there. We then had a plumbing company come out and take a look and they believed the issue to be with our Delta water mixer cartridge as there was a build up of sediment on the intakes and they could not clean it enough. I was able to track down a replacement cartridge but still nothing coming through. I then returned that in case the new cartridge was faulty. Still nothing. I turned the water back off, took out the cartridge completely and turned the water back on. Water comes gushing out of there into the bathtub so there is 100% no problem with water getting to the bathtub. If in theory the cartridge is working then after the handle is turned on it should then be pushing the water into the opening that goes into the copper pipe going to the faucet and shower head. These are new copper pipes which were put in within the last two years so it is impossible for there to be any kind of buildup on the pipe (sediment would not have been able to pass through Delta cartridge anyway). Water is not leaking as I can see the plumbing in the closet behind the tub. Drywall had been ripped out when plumbing work was done two years ago and not replaced. If the pressure was causing the water to get displaced anywhere else I would see it back there, but it is dry as a bone. Is it possible that all three cartridges (original plus two replacements) are all faulty? I have proven that water is getting to the point where the cartridge is installed but not getting beyond the cartridge. Is there something else I am missing? Installation of cartridge is cut and dry. It will only go in one way. I don't even have the whole assembly on while testing so I can leave the adjustment screw off and just using Vice-Grip to allow me to turn handle the whole way. Help !!!!!!!!!!

I'm thinking that the cartridge may not be turning with the handle. After attempting to turn the faucet on a few times, see if the teeth on it are worn.
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I have a Moen shower tub single handle from the

I took the parts to the Menards in town. Luckily I found the guy that knows it all! He showed me the rubber gasket( that holds the ball) to purchase as well as recommended that the 2 small rubber gaskets that were in there to be replaced as well while I had it open to avoid doing this in the future. I got home and replaced them and no leaks:) Thanks:)
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Just changed the cartridge, cannot adjust water temp. due to handle always points down. Core seems to offer no resistance. The new core is also leaking and when you turn water on full the core partly closes on its own.

The handle is not installed in the correct position. take it lose and line up the set screw in the same place it was on the old cartridge and tighten the set screw and you should be good to go.
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Kohler rite temp with diverter. When the tub is turned on water leaks out the shower head. Changed the diverter didn't fix problem.

You could have a restriction in the tub spout or just too much pressure. Diverter only restricts flow to tub spout so any restrictions to the tub spout will cause water to go up to shower head.
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Leaking shower/tub faucet, looking for replacement cartridge. cartridge is stamped "MOEN with #96909. Tub faucet has pull up knob to divert water to the shower, valve is single handle. I replace it with a "Moen Posi temp cartridge" it corrected the leaking faucet but it would not allow the water to be diverted to the shower head. What cartridge is the correct replacement?

Call Moen directly. They will ship what you need to your door, for free.
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Posi temp valve has hot and cold water reversed.  When the water is turned on, hot water comes out first.  As the handle is turned further counter clockwise, it becomes colder until only cold as handle is turned to maximum position.

Shut off the water, pull the handle and turn the cartridge 180 degrees. then put it back together
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Moen shower head leak

Single handle shower controls always have some water trapped inside. It has probably freeze damaged the cartridge
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