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Replace new moen 1200 stem, still leaks due to scratches housing

I replace new moen 1200 stem for shower fauce, still leaks due to existing scratches brass body housing (inside scratches by screwdriver). When I inspect the old stem, it had old rubber silicon around the stem, which I believed prevent this leak as before. I need to know what type of silicon or glue so I can fix this leak.Thanks.

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I think one was an ordered replacement and one was ... The brass stem is #1200. ... The leak will stop if using a new MOEN (not Danco, those can still leak, ...
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I had a leaky Moen faucet (Moen 4600 ... and replaced it with a new brass replacement cartridge (model 1200.) ... have a leak from the valve stem, that leaks faster ...
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I recently replace my old Moen Tub Cartridge with a new one due to the fact that my old one ... If still leaks, need a new cartridge..this ... New Moen Cartridge leaks.
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help Replaced a Moen shower ... cartridge in a Moen tub/shower fixture and it still has a ... with a brand new Moen, had drip issues and had to replace the ...
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The MOEN Single-Handle Replacement Cartridge works with all ... Push the stem in and out ... but its much easier to just pull out the old unit and replace with a new ...
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Apr 21, 2013 · this video in depth study of a stuck hard moen single handle faucet cartridge. replace moen faucet cartridge part 1200 or 1225 it's the sme procedure. moen ...

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Find Replacement Parts; ... This washer must be transferred to the stem of the new cartridge ... If the issue is still unresolved, replace the 1222 cartridge and ...
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Replace new moen 1200 stem, still leaks due to scratches housing

The proper fix for this is to hone out the scratches take steel wool and wrap it around a dowel or piece of wood or ust stuff it into the housing and turn back and forth to smoth out the scratchif the scratch is real dep you wll have to go to harbor freight and get a honing tol that fits on the end of a drillthe stem should have some type of crown washer that you should be able to get an assortment from lowes , ace or hdIf you are asing for a recommendation for a good silicone I always use GE silicone it is the bestas a last resort (if nothing else works to stop leakI would take cartridge wall and streatch teflon tape as tight and smooth as possible to block water coming up between housing and cartrideg this is not recomended by mfg just a spa (my initials) certified suggestionGood luck
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New House, two out of three bathrooms have same problem no hot water on Moen bath tub valve. Pulled valve out and flushed reinstalled valve still no hot water. Tried new cartridge still no hot water?

Your problem sounds more like a scald guard adjustment than a cartridge problem. under the handle is 2 plastic parts that have gears on them. they are adjustable to limit the range motion of the handle. basically, it stops the range of the handle from turning all the way over to hot. on the chateau the adjustment is on the metal sleeve. the gears are under the handle on the positemp. You can also try for customer support at
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We lost water flow to our bath tub faucet and associated shower head recently. I took off the shower head to confirm that the filter wasn't blocking flow there. We then had a plumbing company come out and take a look and they believed the issue to be with our Delta water mixer cartridge as there was a build up of sediment on the intakes and they could not clean it enough. I was able to track down a replacement cartridge but still nothing coming through. I then returned that in case the new cartridge was faulty. Still nothing. I turned the water back off, took out the cartridge completely and turned the water back on. Water comes gushing out of there into the bathtub so there is 100% no problem with water getting to the bathtub. If in theory the cartridge is working then after the handle is turned on it should then be pushing the water into the opening that goes into the copper pipe going to the faucet and shower head. These are new copper pipes which were put in within the last two years so it is impossible for there to be any kind of buildup on the pipe (sediment would not have been able to pass through Delta cartridge anyway). Water is not leaking as I can see the plumbing in the closet behind the tub. Drywall had been ripped out when plumbing work was done two years ago and not replaced. If the pressure was causing the water to get displaced anywhere else I would see it back there, but it is dry as a bone. Is it possible that all three cartridges (original plus two replacements) are all faulty? I have proven that water is getting to the point where the cartridge is installed but not getting beyond the cartridge. Is there something else I am missing? Installation of cartridge is cut and dry. It will only go in one way. I don't even have the whole assembly on while testing so I can leave the adjustment screw off and just using Vice-Grip to allow me to turn handle the whole way. Help !!!!!!!!!!

I'm thinking that the cartridge may not be turning with the handle. After attempting to turn the faucet on a few times, see if the teeth on it are worn.
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I have a leaking single handle Moen shower from about 10 years ago that I think requires a new cartridge, but I can't remove the hex set screw in the handle. It seems to be stuck due to the ca

You might try a drop of penetrating oil from a car parts store. Ask for their best penetrating oil. Let it sit for about 5 minutes then try to back out hex screw.
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Moen water flow restricted and only warm

Not sure about your particular valve, but most newer shower valves have an anti-scald limiter that stops the handle from turning too far to the hot water side. Check for a ring or a pin under the handle that can be set in different positions. It will need to be moved clockwise to allow the handle to rotate farther to hot. Hope that helps. If you have trouble finding it, try looking up a diagram for the valve model.
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New MOEN 1222 cartridge leaks

Remove it and carefully inspect it, you might have scuff'd up the rubber's on the cartridge when you inserted new one.clean out,look in hous'ing for any foriegn mat.etc .you may need another new cart.
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Moen shower control leak

Frankly that DOES NOT sound like a valve leak... ... but the alternative of taking the wall apart is pretty daunting. The cartridge seems futile to me... but I easily done done at small expense... While you are at the PLUMBERS SUPPLY... Pick up some of those SHARK-BITE couplers... Easy on... easy off SOLDERLESS CONNECTIONS (see video at bottom). They make a job like your INCREDIBLY painless... ALSO REMEMBER THERE are two sides to every wall... Do pay attention... these work on COPPER, PVC AND PEX...!! You don't always have to BREAK INTO the wall from the FROM THE MOST expensive side... Hope this helps... youtube video How to use Sharkbite Plumbing SharkBite U514LFA 1 2 Inch End Cap Plumbing Fittings for Residential and... SharkBite U248LFA 90 Degree Lead Free Push to Connect Elbow 1 2 Inch Pipe... Carnac the Magnificent
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Moen kitchen faucet. I changed the cartridge but

Single or dual lever? A new ball if single lever. Home Depot or Menards will carry them. Teflon tape if dual cartridge. Stay away from moving parts
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Moen 87135C leaks - I've replaced the cartfidge (Lowes didn't have O rings) and put it all back together - but it still has a leak - I guess I should try the O rings - Does o-ring replacement involve diconnecting water hoses in order to get under the spout? Wondering if its better to replace the whole faucet at this point

If you call Call: 1-800-BUY-MOEN (1-800-289-6636)8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday thru Friday8:00 am to 6:30 pm on Saturdays EST. and give them model number they will send you the parts.
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