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Water continues to flow after tank fills

Problem is not related to the flapper leaking. Sometimes it shuts off, sometimes it continues to run at full flow. It seems to be a problem with the valve mechanism. I cannot find any adjustments, does the valve need to be replaced or is there something else to check?

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After flushing, the tank fills to the water line. ... All the contents will be flushed right away but water continues to flow strongly at the bottom of the bowl for ...
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If the water continues to run when the float should be shutting it off, that valve is obviously not closing. ... toilet tank fills even after wall valve shut off.
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Water flow problem

2 things it could be. Bad flapper seating or back siphon. 1) visually check the flapper. Is it worn, cracked, or not fully seating because the chain might be too long and preventing a good seating? 2) IF the flapper is good without anything blocking it open there, then you have back siphon. Make sure the small hose that goes from the fill valve into the over flow tube has an high arch. If the arch is too low, after the water is cut off the gravity will back siphon water out of the tank.
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Water in tank continuously slowly flows out. No flapper but a central tower.

What ever functions as a flapper is defective and needs to be replaced.
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The water continues to fill the toilet tank even with the float at the very top

Sooner or later, that defective fill valve will have to be replaced.
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After the tank fills water contiues to flow thru

The fill valve needs replacement unless you can take the top off snd find out what is keeping it from closing. I had one I took apart for the same reason and found a piece of plastic in the valve seat. Good Luck, Ned
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Water continues to drip from fill tube after the fill.

Chances are the flapper is leaking. Thats causing the random refilling as the tank slowly loses water into the bowl. Replace the flapper with only the best available at your supply house. the cheap ones tend to leak even when new. The good ones are less than 8 bucks most places. If your fill valve has the float ball, there should be a screw right on top of the fill valve at the end of the rod holding the ball to adjust the water level. Closckwise lowers the level. Be carefull not to break the plastic ones. If the adjustment is all the way in or does not work, you will need to replace the fill valve. You could also try bending the metal rod holding the ball, but only as a last resort.
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Water Ridge dual flush toilet issue!!

Of course ALL the DIY centers (Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Do-It-Best, etc.) sell toilet repair kits. Sounds like you need a flapper replaced in your toilet. Search online for toilet flapper replacement to get guide on DIY.
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After flushing, water fills up tank and continues

Your problem is the water fill valve. Check this link.'s not the flapper or flush valve.
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Running Toilet Water is running continuously while flapper is tight (looks like new). Level is above the Flush Valve Assembly tube. I noticed water is slowly dripping from Fill Valve head. Toilet is 2.5 yo. I adjusted the screw at the top of Fill Valve but it did not have any effect. The floater is released and floating at the water level but. I can't seem to move it up to stop the flow. Also where is the water going into - sewage? because I do not see it coming outside the tank to the bowl and floor is dry. Are there any manuals for troubleshooting it or maintenance?

Sounds like your flush valve is shot. They are not that expensive and can be easily replaced. Overtime the rubber in the flush valves break down and need to be replaced. Easier to replace the entire valve than fix the old one. Semper Fi, Z
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Gmax flushing system won't stop

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Toilet Tank Fills Doesnt stop filling

Your going to need to buy new guts for your toilet.Don't be scared--- They are inexpensive (under $20), usually come with good instructions, and you will only need a pair of channel lock pliers to fix it.It's very easy to do, and should only take you about 30 minutes.(If you knew what you were doing, I'd say less than 10 minutes)You can also close the valve sticking out of the wall under the toilet tank by turning it clockwise as you would a faucet
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