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Jacuzzi not getting hot enough

The water is not getting over 90 degrees and they heater is running all the time to try to get it to 101. I just changed the water and the front panel is not shut. Can that cause the heat loss or is there a problem with the heating coil?

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I cannot get the water hot enough and maitain the water pressure. The groved thing in center (after removing all hardware and sace plate) is missing the red/blue clips. I am a complete novice and don't even know the names of parts ie like euschueon or whatever. I am desperate..I am tired of no pressure or not hot enough. How do I adjust the groved thing and with what and which way do you turn it...left or right and how much? I have tried adjusting the left and right screw...when I set them both there is no water flow..just I slowly adjust each with the shower on and cannot get the correct balance of pressure and hot water heater is at max and the water in kitchen and sinks is very very do I adjust the groved thing in the ceter which just happens to be missing any colored clips..and what do I use? HELP

Pegasus is a home depot product u need to adjust ur anti scald setting the valve is shipped in cold position it should have a red and blue plastic clips that go over the grooved thing call pegasus customer service at 1888 328-2383 they should be able to assist u with ur problem if u need parts or how to adjust the anti scald system
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I had a Jacuzzi tub and heater installed a couple of years ago and sometime in the past year, the heater quit working. Since our grandchildren use it most of the time my wife and I did not notice it because we only take short baths in it infrequently and the original hot water did not lose heat rapidly enough to be seen as a problem, After running the heater with cold water as a test, it became instantly clear that the heater does not work at all. How can we get it tested/fixed/etc., so it works as designed? Charles Leightner [email protected]

I don't think the unit has failed. sometime the units are hard wired into a box and sometimes the are plugged in to wall plug. we need to figure out if there is power to the heater. check the breaker and gfi outlets in the room. most time its just a tripped circuit. lets start with that and I will follow up with more information as I down load it. Let me know if it was tripped circuit in the mean time.
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Hello I have just installed a Fontaine shower set NF-BELTS-CP and I cannot get the water hot enough. I am sure that there may be some kind of adjustment but I am not sure what it is and before I start experimenting I wanted to ask for help! I get OK pressure but the water temp on max is just too cold yet I konw that there is hot water coming to the valve as the sink can get hot water... What can I do to adjust the water temp to get a hot shower??? Please help!

This unit is indeed adjustable. You'll need an adjustable wrench and philips and small flat screwdriver.However the temperature water coming out the faucet should be the same as out the showerhead as these two are on the same pipe after the cartridge.To adjust:Pry off the cap on the handle. Undo the screw in the handle and remove the handle. Remove the collar below the handle with the tool provided and remove the collar. Unscrew the backing plate and remove. Remove the plaster guard.Remove the base nut and its retainer nut to expose the cam.This cam can be used to adjust hot water temperature. Note its position, remove it and move clockwise of its present position to increase hot water temperature.If youre not at the correct temp yet :On both the hot and cold inlet pipes are stop valves that can be adjusted by screwdriver to increase/decrease water flow. Open both fully.(counter clockwise)
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Can i hook up a thermostat to my hot blast wood/coal stove to control the heat in my home

Yes, you most certainly can. It depends on how handy you are and to what extent you are willing to go to make this happen. A lot will depend on how comfortable you are with electrical wiring and understanding HVAC controls and their function. First though, this is the typical way a wood fired forced air furnace is designed to operate. There is a control transformer and relay to control either a combustion air fan (that you do not have) OR a motorized damper for combustion air that you also do not have. The relay closes on a call for heat from the thermostat and opens the damper from its minimum position to allow combustion air into the firebox. As long as there is solid fuels (wood) in the heat chamber, the fresh supply of combustion air will allow the fire to burn or begin to burn very quickly. As the temperature in the wood furnace plenum increases, the automatic fan control will start the fan and it will run as long as the bonnet temperature is higher than the fan'on' setpoint on the fan control... Now the house warms up and the thermostat satisfies which allows the combustion air damper to spring back to the minimum position, causing the hot fire to die down due to lack of combustion air. The now smoldering fire will not generate enough heat to keep the fan running too long, so the automatic fan control shuts the fan off until the house cools approximately 2 degrees below thermostat setpoint. The thermostat calls for heat and opens the damper and on goes the cycle.... An important item to remember is that on the automatic fan control, there is a 'limit switch' function. The motorized combustion air damper or the combustion air fan must be wired through the limit switch in case the bonnet temperature exceeds 200 degrees F. This function will then allow the damper to go to the minimum position or the combustion air fan to go off, causing the fire to cool down due to lack of adequate combustion air. You don't want the thermostat controlling the circulating fan directly, because of two things: 1). If the fire is out, there is no heat to circulate but the thermostat wouldn't know that and it would start and run the fan continuously until a fire is built. and .... 2). You would still be running up and down the stairs monitoring the fires burn rate by opening and closing the lower door manually. ALL the components you need are readily available from WW Grainger....basically : a fan/limit control a thermostat a 110v x 24v 40 va control transformer a 24v spdt relay 20 ga. two conductor thermostat wire 24v actuator and linkages to mount to the existing combustion air damper. A bit of creativity is required here. I would not recommend retro-fitting a combustion air fan. 14-2 wg romex for wiring the fan control Again, it depends to what extent you are willing to go to achieve the end result. Will it be exactly like a new system?? No, but it will operate a lot better than that which you describe.
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My American Standard R120 shower valve has excellent pressure on the cold side, no pressure on the hot side.

Could be a chunk of scale in the valve. Need to turn off water supply and take valve apart. If nothing is found, turn water supply on to give line a 'quick' flush and turn back off. If this does not help, you probably have an obstruction somewhere in the hot supply line and a plumber may be needed unless you are handy. Good luck.
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My new heater does not work on my hot tub. I have a Jacuzzi Z135 Model s2600000 with a Controller version r574 and a Balboa 58028 that has been replaced by the 53349 heater (4 KW, 1 PSI set Pressure Switch). We have checked several things including that the pressure switch is turning on (checked resistance with voltmeter). We found that if you ground the volt meter to the chassis and select one of the terminals from the heater you get 120volts. If you select the other terminal you also see 120 volts. The heater says 240volts but it seems like I am only getting ½ the voltage but it should work on 120 since the hot tub will run 120. The hot tub will run for several hours and the temperature will not change. The light on the control panel that shows the heater is on does not seem to be illuminated. Any Ideas on why I have a cold tub?

Test across both terminals at the same time. If you are getting 230V, disconnect power and check the resistance across the terminals. For 4kW, you should get roughly 13 ohms. If not, the element is bad. If you get 0 Volts across the terminals, the tub is not heating. ManyBalboa packs switch both leads to the same leg of power, so you can get 120V to ground from each terminal, but you get 0V from terminal to terminal. The clincher here is that the "heater on" light is off. I would double-check the pressure switch. You should test it with the tub running in heat mode. Disconnect one of the flag terminal leads from the switch, THEN test for continuity across the terminals. If you get none, you have either low flow or a bad pressure switch. You can verify by jumping the two wires together and see if the "heat" light comes on. Again, check for flow. I would run any of these tests with the filter removed. The symptoms you describe are very commonly caused by a dirty filter causing low flow. Again, pressure switch test. A bad sensor would cause the "current temp" to read too high, and a hi-limit problem would cause the little "heater-on" light to flash. Unless that little light is just dead (I've never seen it go bad), everything you say points to the pressure switch (or a dirty filter).
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Jacuzzi not getting hot enough

The cover needs to be closed completely to keep the heat in the cabinet. No problem.
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Not enough hot water

Some higher end models do have an adjustment that is behind the face plate. You would have to remove the handle and the screws in the faceplate to expose them. If you have adjustments they will be located on the brass valve body facing you. You will need a flashlight and a flathead screwdriver to make the adjustment. If your model is not equipped with adjustments you could have a faulty valve stem. The stem is comprised of a rubber band like gasket that separates port holes into which the waters flow. There could be some piece of trash blocking the port not allowing adequate water from the hot side into the valve.Some valves stems are also able to be installed upside down causing the same issue as the ports do not rotate fully to allow adequate supply. However you say that you have adequate pressure on the hot side but not warm enough. There is another possibility also based on the way the shower supply was plumbed but there is no need to go into this unless this does not resolve your issue. I hope this is of assistance and thanks for using Fix Ya. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
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Have a Jacuzzi toilet... trying to replace fill valve... easy enough, however. i can not get the white plastic bolt loose where it connects to the fill valve and hose loose. cant get enough leaverage from where the toilet is located in the bathroom.... do you suggest a tool or trick of the trade?

If you mean the nut on the outside bottom of the tank it should be only hand tight. but I would suggest either a channel lock pliers or perhaps a basin wrench. If you are replacing it you may tru just cutting it with a small hacksaw.
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Water not hot enough coming from my power shower

The Redring Superflow 3000 was not produced after 2001. You can try calling the showerdoc 0131-538-4343 or going to
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