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Toilet will not flush fast enough

It flushes after about 10 to 15 sec. of holding the handle downi dont know the real product number but i would like to know how to make it flush faster please

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my toilet will not flush fast enough to get toilet paper to

My toilet will not flush fast enough to get toilet paper to - Answered by a verified Plumber
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How to Fix a Toilet - Diagnostics - Not Enough Flush - YouTube

Jan 03, 2011 · Not Enough Flush Most of the time a toilet seems to flush ... too small they restrict new water from entering the tank fast enough to aid in the flush.

Toilet swirls, but won't flush!! - Houzz

Toilet swirls, but won't flush!! ... If the water does not leave the bowl fast enough then you most certainly ... hi my toilet does not flush it will come to the top ...
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Toilet Doesn't Fully Empty - How to Make Sure Water Filters Fast

Toilet Doesn't Fully Empty When Flushed. Sometimes when I flush the toilet, ... The force can be strong enough to pull water from toilets and sink traps as it ...
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toilet acts like it is clogged but is not??? - Houzz

toilet acts like it is clogged but is not??? ... two possible problems with toilets that do not flush ... in the tank does not get to the bowl fast enough.
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Troubleshoot Your Toilet Without a Plumber

Dec 16, 2009 · Troubleshoot Your Toilet Without a Plumber ... Low-flow toilets are a great way to save water, but sometimes yours simply doesn't flush strongly enough.
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3 Ways to Fix a Slow Toilet - wikiHow

Jun 05, 2016 · How to Fix a Slow Toilet. ... Flush the toilet. ... You should pour fast enough that it begins to flow out of the holes in the toilet bowl rim but not ...
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why is the water in my toilet suddenly so low? Is there an ...

Ask Your Question. Angie's List Answers ... the fill valve is not putting enough water into the toilet bowl. ... When you flush the toilet water squirts from that ...
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Does your toilet have a very slow or “lazy” flush? When a toilet that once flushed properly begins to flush poorly, slowly, or not at all, the problem is often a ...
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Toilet Repair: 3 Reasons Your Toilet Tank Doesn’t Fill Properly

A common toilet problem is that the toilet tank doesn’t fill properly. This makes it impossible for it to work correctly, and if you find yourself having to flush ...
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Toilet will not flush fast enough

The chain that connects to the flap has too much slack you have to ajust it by switching the chain up a little so the flap will open all the way
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American standard cadet 3 leaking around seal

There is none. I thought I had an unusual case but after replace numerous flappers (some purchased and some sent by AS, this toilet will continue to leak into the bowl. American Standard sent a new complete flush valve and that did not work. This toilet has leaked for 4 years now and I have to shut the water off manually. Good flush, bad design for water retention. Contacting AS two weeks ago asking for a replacement tank has met with stall while they review. I'm done waiting. Two Kohlers in the house do not leak a drip. Guess what happens today? If I do not have contact back today I'm going to the local home center and buying a Kohler, and will be a stuanch critic of AS fixtures in that aisle from this day forward. They know anout this but can not fix it. Cram that five year warranty. Like the line in the movie said, "Guaranteed, I can sh** in the box and mark it guaranteed, and you would have a guaranteed piece of sh**.
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Toilet handle stick on flush and water runs and runs before we are aware of it

Turn water off and get a handle repair kit, very easy repair
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Hi, I want to replace an old American Standard toilet bowl that is a 4 bolt tie down design to the floor. Can I replace this with a standard 2 bolt floor mount design? If not are 4 bolt tie down models still available and if not what modification do I need to do to install a standard 2 bolt tie down design?

If you go with the 2 bolt you will need (I presume) to drill 2 holes into the tile. put toilet in place where it will sit and mark the holes , take away toilet and drill the holes with a 7ml tile drill bit (masking tape put over the tile will help you to not slip when starting off the hole). Drill deep enough to insert 7ml rawl plugs. then place the toilet back and fix down with screws long enough to go through the toilet and 3/4 of the rawl plug. You will need; Electric percussion drill or descent battery drill. 7 ml tile drill bit 2 x rawl plug 7ml 2 x screw masking tape is handy hope this helps, Alex
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The fill valve in my toilet tank leaks.and water level can not be

There are different fill valves if you have the one w/ two screws on top you have to tie down the one on your left hand side if you have the one w/ a side plastic long screw adjust that one
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Delay on tank fill after flush. Toto Drake bowl ada elongatred

I am not a plumber but stumbled across the solution on my own. While watching the float during the flush cycle, it was obvious that it was very slow in moving downward along with the water level in the tank. The problem was that the small opening in the float chamber was partially clogged. Using just my fingers, I reached under the float chamber and cleaned off any debris that was blocking the opening underneath the float chamber. Put the float back on, and instantly the problem was solved. The tank fill started immediately after I flushed.
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Just installed the cadet 3 and here is what is happening. First let me say that the toilet it replaced was working good. The water filled very slow and the bowl would not fill much. I messed with the fluidmaster valve as per directions and it did not help. I then replaced it and now it fill quickly, so that part is fixed but the bowl does not seem to have enough water in it (the tank is full to 1/2" below overflow tube) and when you flush it the flapper closes so fast it does not let the tank empty completly. I have adjusted the chain every way possible and even pulled it by hand all the way up and it still slaps closed before the tank is empty. So the 2 problems now are not enough water in the bowl and the flapper slaps closed to quickly. Remember this is a brand new toilet.

The amount of water in any toilet bowl is determined by its construction and no tank adjustment will ever change that. American Standard has a history of having small water surface areas in their low or ultra low flush toilets. Take a large container of water and pour directly into the bowl. If the ending level remains the same, then that is the manufactured level for your toilet. Not all tanks completely discharge all of the water when flushed. Measure 1.5 gallons of water into a container. Turn off your water supply to the toilet then flush normally. Replace the water in the tank with your premeasured amount and observe this new water level. You might be surprised to find it is at the same level it always is. Since water weighs more than 8 pounds per gallon, one concept used in todays toilets is to have more than 1.5 gallons of water in the tank and use the extra weight push the water past the flapper at a faster rate while designing the flapper to drop after only 1.5 gallons have passed through.
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Cadet 3 round bowl toilet not flushing all from bowl

You are probably correct, the water level needs to be raised. There are many different toilet tank systems, but all have some way to control the water level in the tank. Let me know if you need help figuring it out... P.S. You'll have to take the lid off the tank, first...pardon me if that is too obvious
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American Standard Elongated toilet bowl water level slowly drops

The tank holding the proper amount of water is a good sign. The inside of the stool is like the GOOSE NECK under you sink. It always holds water. This may sound like a bit of a hassle to do but if all 3 toilets are identical, here is what you can try if you are a bit handy. Go to the hardware store and purchase 4 toilet wax rings with a plastic flange and a few sets of toilet floor flange bolts(they are cheap and you can always return if not used, as It is better to have xtra parts on hand). Turn off the water supply to the "Mystery Toilet". Leave the tank and everything connected to the stool. Flush the toilet and remove all excess water from the tank and bowl. This can be done with a shop vac, sponge or towel. Disconnect the water supply to the tank. Remove the bolts holding the stool to the floor and carefully remove toilet. Scrap off all the old wax from the floor flange and bottom of stool. Now go and repeat this proceedure to one of the toilets that is working properly. In other words Switch the "Mystery Toilet" with a "Working Toilet" and see how they react. If the working toilet does it in the same bathroom and the "Mystery Toilet" does not do it in the other bathroom then you probably have a VENTING PROBLEM. If the "Mysery Toilet" Does it in the other bathroom then you most likely have a Defective Toilet. This Job is best done by 2 people, as it can sometimes be challenging to center the new wax ring on the toilet flange. Reconnect to the floor and reconnect water supply to the tanks. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN BOLTS to the floor flange as you may crack the toilet. All drain lines must be vented properly for water to flow. If you are curious check out drain venting on the internet. Also, sometimes a vent can become obstructed with debris, ice, bird nest, etc.. I would 1st check the vent on the roof visually and then have someone flush and listen. If you believe the vent is clear....Then do the toilet switch and go from there.....Hope this helps and Happy Holidays....Joe
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