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2748.328 Town Square 5' x 42" Air Bath Tub Won't Work

I have a brand new Town Square Air Bath that worked for the first 10 minutes and then stopped.  At first I thought I tripped the circuit breaker, but that wasn't it.  The on/off lights on the tub (the bubble symbol) were still lit.  I couldn't get it to turn off.  I pressed all the other buttons, but nothing happened.  What could cause the Air Bath to stop blowing all of the sudden, and how can I fix it?

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2748.328 Town Square 5' x 42" Air Bath Tub Won't Work

Air bath tubs have a preset time limit. it could be that it reached that limit. Especially if the lights are still lit up on the control.
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Hello all, There is a awful sewer smell coming from my bath tub, it leave some type of brownish film over the drain almost up to the spout, it fumes or what ever it is also burns my eyes some, I don't know what it is I have lived here over two years with no problem and this just happened over night, I noticed yesterday that there is a smell coming from my water heater as well, my tub is the only thing having the problem everything else is just fine, toilet, sinks water hoses, is this hazardes for our health, what should I do? my land lord is kinda tight so i want to try to figure this out on my own if I can, can anybody please help me. Worried Mom

Sounds like a septic back-up...if indeed you have a septic tank. This could happen very easily--just from flushing a tampon or cigarette ****. Also certain types of trees have a rapidly growing root system that does nothing but head for the nearest water source, growing and entwining into a septic tank, clogging it up. If this is the case, call a plumber to get it unclogged, then get some root kill and enzymes to flush down the toilet every couple of months.
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I have an american standard air tub and cannot get the air jets to shut off.  They turn off, but come back on automatically a short time later.  How do I shut the power off?

Check the air vacuum switch and line as you may have a air vacuum leak. The button that controls the on and off to the jets is an air vacuum switch....It may have a slow air leak in the line or connections that is activating the on and off control
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Kohler bathtub spa does not work at all

If the air tube is still connected to the air button on the side of the tub and you are pushing it with no results then either the motor is no good, the air button is no good or the air switch in the box is no good.process of elimination, start with the pump. take the switch off the motor or out of the box and make sure you can get the motor to come on. If the motor comes on then move to the air switch and hook it back up and see if you can blow into the air switch with a new air button or a straw and see if the switch will activate the pump. if it does then you most likely have a bad air button ($12). If you cannot get it to activate the pump then the air switch is bad ($21).
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I have a Nova 6 jacuzzi whirlpool jetted tub. The magic control air switch will not work. If I remove the side panel and disconnect the small air tube a small puff of air will both turn on and turn off the tub. Where can I find instructions on where to purchase a switch, how to replace this air switch, and is there a repair service in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thanks

The Magic Touch system has been discontinued by Jacuzzi Whirlpool.You will need a new air switch kit.RodUS Parts Center888-521-6183
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I have a Jacuzzi EB30-959 air tub, it was a floor model. Once it gets plugged in, it makes a vibrating sound from one of the boxes mounted on underside of tub(assuming its the air heater). This last for approx 20 mins then it shuts off, however, it also cycles on every couple hours for approx 20 mins at a time, and wakes me up in the middle of the night. I cant imagine this being proper cycle...when this is running, I can hear tiny amounts of gurgling our air holes. This is much quieter than the after tub cycle that sprays all the water out of jets...ideas?

It sounds like there may be a problem with the pump switch. The switch that activates the pump is based off air pressure. When you press the button to turn the pump on it sends a "puff" of air to this pressure switch which turns on the pump. This may have been damaged. Unless you bought the heater separate the heater is not there. Even still the heater is not really a heater it just maintains the water temperature.For whatever reason the pressure switch is being activated. Don't think these tubs work right out of the box. I installed my jacuzzi tub and taking for granted that it worked I did not check to make sure the air line was hooked to the switch. Needless to say I now have an access panel in a closet in the other room beside the pump motor. Your pump is accessible through the door opposite the drain but if it is setup like mine the switch is on the other side of the pump. Good Luck!
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I have a whirlpool bath in my master bath in my mobile home, years ago my grandson pushed the button to activate the jets without water in the tub, it hasn't worked since, yesterday I had a friend who is an electrician check it out, there is power running to the plug in for the motor and power in the motor as well, I filled the tub above the jets, pushed the button, and nothing, it's been like this for years, and I really want it to work, there are two clear hoses that say air switch, they are two separate hoses, connected on one end, but not the other, is that the way they should be or are they supposed to be connected to something on each end. I'm very frustrated with this issue and will gladly take any help you can offer.

The air switch should be connected to a switch by the motor the air switch is ur on off and should run from the button to another switch by motor the air switches were put in so there was not live wiring by the tub surface ,the the tub button/switch is like a bellows and pushes air into tube to turn switch on/off
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We have a Kohler Purist Air Bubble Massage tub... the last couple days the dial has randomly started lighting up with the green light tracking down the middle and you can hear the motor or the jets on the tub give out a little noise... it sounds like a yappy dog barking the distance? Could it be an electrical problem or a bad control panel, etc? We've had the tub for almost 5 years and this is something new. When i fill the tub - the bubble actions seem to work fine, but then once drained - it's no longer automatically purging the air from the jets as it normally does - it will however purge by manual mode. Thanks!

This is sounding like a relay not working on the circuit board inside the control box. You will want to have a Kohler service center send someone out to have it checked. You most likely need a new control box.
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How to Change White Water Whirlpool Tub Jet Hardware

I recommend that you consider spray painting the gold hardware with brushed nickel rusteoleum paint. IF you decide to go this route you must lightly abrade the gold surface with emery cloth then prime with rusteoleum primer, let that dry and the final coat will be the brushed nickel. I have done this and it turned out excellent. I get compliments on it. Regarding your other issues, you will be happiest with white water parts. That being said, it is likely that locally procured parts might fit. I would get one set of parts and try them. You will likely find the model number etc. on a plate in the mechanical compartment of the spa.
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How can I unclog plumbing in whirlpool tub used to clean dogs?

Depending on how mechanically inclined you are, take apart the tub and clean everything out. No easy task, I know, but who want old dog hair floating around? That will be your best bet.
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