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Kohler 81100 Pressure-Clean Flushometer Toilet

My toilet is flushing with progressively less pressure. I have checked, plunged, and snaked the line from the toilet. The problem seems to be the toilet itself. Is there a way to re-pressurize the tank? I HATE my Kohler 81100. And I've lived with this piece of s*** for years, having to flush 2-3 times after each use, because it was so expensive. Now it runs for almost 30 minutes after each use, so I have to use another bathroom altogether.

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Kohler 81100 K3404 Pressure Toilet. ... You need to replace the toilet ASAP! The 81100 Pressure-Clean systems were discontinued for ... Kohler 81100 Flushometer Toilet:
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we have a Kohler 81100 pressure clean flushometer tank system

we have a Kohler 81100 pressure clean flushometer tank system toilet and it won't flush, it just gurgles a little and letes the water out of the tank, then fills back up.
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Kohler 1.6 Toilet - I purchased two ... we put in three Kohler high pressure toilets. ... Kohler 81100 Pressure Clean Flushometer toilet has flushed poorly for quite ...
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Kohler High-Pressure Toilets - ConsumerAffairs

Kohler High-Pressure Toilets. ... The culprit is this toilet ,the Kohler 81100 Pressure Clean Tank ... Kohler Model 81100 Pressure Clean Flushometer tank toilet ...
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Use your Facebook account to sign in with KOHLER: Or sign ... hybrid 1.6 gpf flushometer for toilet ... Us Track Your Order Warranty Care & Cleaning Change ...
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Mother of All Toilet Leak Gushes into Lawsuit by ACE Group ... that the Kohler model 81100 pressure clean flushometer tank system ... defective toilet water ...
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After market parts for Kohler 81100 pressure-clean flushometer tank system toilets. Asked Apr 13, ... Kohler toilet 81100 flushmatic adjustment [ 1 Answers ]
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Kohler 81100 Pressure-Clean Flushometer Toilet

This type of flush system can be re presurised quickly by holding down the flush handle for about good 2 minutes, then release , wait for the tank to be refilled with water.Now you can flush away your inner rotting mess down tube good-by...
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I have 5 kohler pressure assist toilets with flushmate 503 series tanks in my home. Several of my bowls have minimal to no bowl rinse. My water pressure is more than adequate. I recently changed a flushmate tank on one of my toilets that does rinse well and noticed a hole knocked out of the porceline just to the right and to the back of the hole that the flushmate delivers its supply of water to the bowl. On installation or construction is there a hole that needs to be knocked out to allow water delivery to the rim for an adequate bowl rinse. The water delivery and pressure to the bottom of the bowl is great. I believe it would flush a brick if placed in the bottom but the bowl rinse is terrible. We have to keep a pitcher in each bathroom so water can be drawn from the faucet to rinse the sides and front of the bowl. thanks...Ken

There are two holes in the top of the bowl where the tank attaches. As you indicate, one hole delivers water to the jet at the inlet to trap passageway, and another smaller hole to direct water to the rim. I have seen in some cases the gasket that seals the tank to the bowl block the smaller rim-fed hole. All you need to do is knotch the gasket where the hole is located and re-install the gasket so the knotch is located over the hole. If you have any other questions please call the 800 phone number on top of the Flushmate.
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Kohler bathtub spa does not work at all

If the air tube is still connected to the air button on the side of the tub and you are pushing it with no results then either the motor is no good, the air button is no good or the air switch in the box is no good.process of elimination, start with the pump. take the switch off the motor or out of the box and make sure you can get the motor to come on. If the motor comes on then move to the air switch and hook it back up and see if you can blow into the air switch with a new air button or a straw and see if the switch will activate the pump. if it does then you most likely have a bad air button ($12). If you cannot get it to activate the pump then the air switch is bad ($21).
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S300 washlet/bidet. Cleaning wand frequently has low output water pressure and very low output output volume. Cycling from ''rear cleaning'' to ''front cleaning'' to ''rear cleaning soft'' then back to ''rear cleaning'' will eventually restore normal output volume and pressure. Have also gently put a small diameter wire into the wand's openings, and that will also clear it up for a couple of cycles. If it were clogged with debris, wouldn't think it would clear up with either approach. We clean the wand's outside at least weekly. About 3 years old. The user manual has no information on the problem, nor instructions on how to remove the wand for an insepction. What could be the cause? Thanks.

Hi. I do not think the problem is related to clogged orifices in the wand. Ensure that there are no leaks in the line to the wand. ensure you did not press the "soft" cleanse button on the remote. Try adjusting pressure setting with remote. If pressure is still insufficient, then the most likely is probably a blockage in connection hose , or a faulty junction valve not opening completely. At that point , rather than disassemblying the unit I suggest contacting Toto first, to check if they can cover repair or parts if needed. Toto contact is listed on the manual, or it is available on their website: Welcome.
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Kohler Rialto flap valve leak

If the flappper isn't closing, there is no suction AKA a clog perhaps.
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In pressure Lite flushing system, do we need any pressure?

We just recently installed two of these and love them. LESSONS LEARNED: This is a almost complete in box and needs to only install the tank and seat. It also came with a new wax ring and bolts. What you also need is also at home depot they have the better flange repair kit, this is a round metal ring that goes over the existing plastic flange on the floor, put in as many screws as you can. On both we broke the plastic flange while installing the bolts. also the second one we also added a washer on the back side of the metal flange repair ring this made the connection even stronger. The new bolts that hold the toilet to the floor will be to long and an need to be cut off. Don't just try to brake it off, we ran in to big trouble and is how we broke the flange. Lastly go ahead and use Tub sealant and put a bead around the floor and base of toilet, this will keep it more secure and not allow any fluids to seep under the toilet and start smelling. Hope this tip helps. R/ David
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I have a 2yr old Kohler K4634 toilet. After flushing the water level drops about 1 inch in the bowl after the bowl filled. This causes a lower level in the bowl than is recommended. The main issue

Check to see if waster continues to run into the bowl after the plunger has returned to stop water flowing. If it is a slow leak then replace the flush washer on the stopper plunger.
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We just replaced out toilet because we had no flushing power on the old one. After cleaning the vent pipe and using a snake and putting on the new toilet, we still don't have any pressure when flushing the toilet. Any other suggestions?

Its got a blocked down pipe lime scale will do this to you, the only way to sort it out is strip it out completly and give it a good clean, if that still failes to flush then its the flushing pump needing looking at,
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