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Toilet keeps running after its filled

I have a Toto cst864 and I cant even shut off the water because I dont know which way to turn those oval shaped valves.

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A toilet bowl that keeps filling up has nothing to do with the toilet tank or the plumbing. ... This means that even if the toilet keeps running, ...
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How to Stop a Running Toilet; ... The water will keep running. Look for the fill level mark on the inside back of the tank and mark it on the overflow tube ...
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How to Fix a Running Toilet. ... My tank is not filling up and just keeps running. I have a Kohler UPC 135244. My tank is a Kohler C,13524, 32-AA 10496.
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Dec 19, 2013 · A toilet that keeps running is annoying, ... Your toilet tank has a fill valve, ...

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Why does my toilet randomly start running? ... the filling mechanism will be triggered and the tank will refill. ... Why does our toilet keep blocking and then slowly ...
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If your toilet is running, ... How To Fix a Running Toilet: Common Causes & Easy DIY Fixes. ... If it goes over and the tank is still filling, ...
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This should keep the tube from entering the overflow pipe and often stop ... Replace flapper if this does not resolve toilet running. ... remove fill valve and ...
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Fix a running toilet

Faulty flapper sealing. After a flush, the flapper does not seat correctly or completely allowing water to run into the bowl.
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Toto toilet Power Gravity intermittently running

You need to either bend the arm that connects tot he float down (if it is the type with the ball float) or adjust the height of the fill valve assembly. THis accomplished by slightly twisting the valve assembly carefully and sliding down a half of an inch or so and then twisting back to lock it in place. This should fix you up right.
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Running water in Geberit Starck Toilet

I hate to say it but you may need a pro on this one, if you want I can try to walk you threw it but let me know. [email protected]
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Toto fill valve continual problem, new toilet

There are cheep fill valves and ther better built fill valves, so make sure you buy aa quality fill valve. Also buy a pressuer gauge at ahard ware store and check water pressure level at a faucet outlet. Screw gauge onto water fauct leave a little room for air to escape when water is drippng out tighten the hose bib on the gage turn on the faucet and read the pressure. If it's more than 50 PSI you need to lower the water pressuer. I need to know if your on a, on site underground well,or are on city water to tell you what you need to do to to fix this problem. If there is one. thanks for using Fix-ya if you want more info post here. Avid101
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Water keeps running, toilet not shutting off totally, tank will fill then we have to pull up float and hold it a while to stop water, doesn't overflow, just keeps running, doesn't shut off completely, need check valve or fill valve or flow valve or seat valve, found some numbers, tank 1167.10 and k3400TB, lid 8919 13 K4546 date 5-13-75

Hi snowjobs847... Try resetting your float level to a lower water level in the tank, the extra pressure put on the seal may make it reseal. If the above did not work: You need to replace your "ballcock"...the ballcock (inlet valve) is non-repairable, has to be replaced with a new one if you cannot get it to stop leaking. Please take time to rate me
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Water seems to keep running very slowly, can't hear it, after it apparently stops after a flush. Eventually reaching the over flow tube in the tank. I have replaced the Toilet fill valve twice, The first one was a Korky Quiet Fill and the second one was a Fill Pro #FV75 . Same problem with both. They seeem to work. The wter stops at a designated level, but eventually the water rises above water flow so very slowly you cannot hear the water running.

Rossouw R. im a plumber.Were the flexi hose go in to the toilet and conect up to velve thread tape. unscrew the flexi hose and then the plastick nut holding the velve on to the sistern.put the new velve in and bobs ur uncel.Its very easy, just look were the 2 seal rubbers are when u remove it, may be 1 rubber. and the flout of the velve will be a cup or ball, thast ajast that tothe right water level, u will c were the flout or ball is on new velve there will be plastick with bumps un it [most commen] if not let me know bt around that area u should find somting to adjust the hight. sorry for spelling errors, im a plumber nt a english major lolplz let me know if u get in a rut .that is realy the onley solution.
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I have the Toto Ultramax II toilet and it was installed 3 months ago. Have an issue where the GMAX fill valve is not functioning properly. The water keeps running because it always go over the fill line. I've tried adjusting the valve by turning the screw so that the water reaches 1/2 inch below. But turning the screw does not seem to do anything. Can it be a faulty fill valve?

Yes, IT may also be a faulty trigger as well, if you can, manually activate the trigger and verify if there is a shut off.
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Tank won't stop filling up...overflow hose just keeps running. i lift up on blue piece and it stops, but starts again once i let go. i just got this toilet in the summer...hard to believe it has problems already. right now i have turned off water otherwise it would run all night. help. not sure of the model's the jacuzzi toilet for handicapped.

You need to replace tank valve.See photo of the product: this product at hardware store.Turn off water to toilet.Flush toilet to empty water from tank.Under the tank, the tank valve is held with two nuts.Nut1 seals water line to the valve.Nut2 seals valve to the tank.Loosen nut1 and it drops down. You can use same nut for new valve, or use new one that comes with product.Notice there is a beveled washer stuck in bottom of valve, or stuck inside nut1. Your new valve will have a new beveled washer.Loosen nut2 and valve come loose and can be lifted out.When you lift up valve, remaining water will run onto floor so have a pan and towel ready.Notice on bottom of valve is a rubber washer. This washer seals the valve and tank together so water will not leak.New valve comes with 2 washers > big one and small one. They are usually attached together, small one inside bigger one, and you have to tear them apart.Clean opening of sand and dirt.Supply pipe is sticking up.Put nut1 and small beveled washer onto the supply pipe, with flat side of washer facing downward and rounded side facing up toward tank.Put bigger washer on bottom of new valve. Flat part of washer goes to valve, beveled part of washer faces downward to tank.Set valve in place and notice how washer covers the hole. Put nut2 on bottom of valve and tighten. As you tighten the nut, valve will rotate inside tank. Make sure float and parts can move freely.The valve doesn't have to be super tight to seal. Just tighten ia reasonable amount, and you can tighten more later if needed.Now attach nut1 to bottom of new valve and this will seal supply line going into tank.This nut has to be fairly tight.Turn water on.Valve has adjustments for selecting height of water inside tank.Use paper towel on bottom of valve to check for leaks.Leave catch pan under new valve for couple days to make sure there is no dripping.If water is seeping, then tighten nut1 or nut2 a bit more.Sometimes the shut off start leaking. Open shut off all the way to see if this solves problem.Add a comment for more free help.Also take advantage of fixya phone service.For a price, fixya expert speaks with you over phone while you work on toilet.
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Toilet Tank Fills Doesnt stop filling

Your going to need to buy new guts for your toilet.Don't be scared--- They are inexpensive (under $20), usually come with good instructions, and you will only need a pair of channel lock pliers to fix it.It's very easy to do, and should only take you about 30 minutes.(If you knew what you were doing, I'd say less than 10 minutes)You can also close the valve sticking out of the wall under the toilet tank by turning it clockwise as you would a faucet
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