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Toilet Refills Every 15-Minutes

One of four Eljer Canterbury one-piece toilets refills itself every 15-minutes or so. Thinking the problem was a bad flapper valve, I replaced it (and the ones in the other three toilets as well not knowing how old they were). Still refills. I have cleaned the flapper valve seal seat area and replaced the flapper valve again. Still refills. I removed the whole flush valve assembly, cleaned its seal surfaces, added Vaseline to the seal surfaces, and reinstalled the valve. Still refills. Today, I purchased a whole new flush valve assembly and installed it. Still refills. Water is leaking out of

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How to Fix a Toilet That Fills Every 15 Minutes - Home Guides

If your toilet keeps refilling at 15-minute intervals, it probably has a leak. In the vast majority of cases, ... How to Fix a Toilet That Fills Every 15 Minutes.
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So I just replaced the refill valve on our toilet ... Toilet does full-blast, one-second refill every ... One of our toilets refills VERY slowly - takes 15-20 minutes ...
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Toilet is Draining from tank and refills every 15-20 minutes ...

I had an apartment toilet that had an issue with the flapper occasionally coming down on a very narrow plastic rim/seat at an odd angle and not sealing well.
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Toilet "Refilling" Every Few Hours. ... again, the toilet refills periodically. ... getting darker every few minutes.
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Sometimes my toilet starts running for a few seconds at a time, ... Why does my toilet randomly start running? ... – Grant Jan 15 '13 at 1:23
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I have a brand new Kohler toilet that is running every 10 minutes

I have a brand new Kohler toilet that is running every 10 minutes or so. I've increased the slack in the chain. I have no idea what the problem is. Can you help ...
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Toilet Refills Every 15-Minutes

I have minute amount of leakage into the bowl causing mold to grow. I believe that it may be the rubber seal for the flapper body to the porcelain.
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Every 10 minutes or so my toilet tank refills. Ho...

You have a small leak at the flapper, it goes down till the filler goes on and fills it back up. A new flapper or maybe just a small adjustment will seal it up. Check it out.
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I had a professional plumber install 4 new Gerber toilets in my home and 2 of them leak down. If I turn off the water supply they leak down to nothing. If I leave the water on they leak down about an inch in the tank and then refill. This happens about every 10 minutes. Any ideas?

Call the plumber and get him to fix up his work.
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American standard cadet 3 leaking around seal

There is none. I thought I had an unusual case but after replace numerous flappers (some purchased and some sent by AS, this toilet will continue to leak into the bowl. American Standard sent a new complete flush valve and that did not work. This toilet has leaked for 4 years now and I have to shut the water off manually. Good flush, bad design for water retention. Contacting AS two weeks ago asking for a replacement tank has met with stall while they review. I'm done waiting. Two Kohlers in the house do not leak a drip. Guess what happens today? If I do not have contact back today I'm going to the local home center and buying a Kohler, and will be a stuanch critic of AS fixtures in that aisle from this day forward. They know anout this but can not fix it. Cram that five year warranty. Like the line in the movie said, "Guaranteed, I can sh** in the box and mark it guaranteed, and you would have a guaranteed piece of sh**.
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Problem: water tank running water and refilling itself

Probably the flapper valve is not seating correctly over the outlet. you can fix it by reaching in and twisting the valve one way or the other till it seats properly and the leak will stop.
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My toilet runs intermitently. Seams as though it is leaking internally then has to refill itself every 30 minutes. We purchased 3 of these and they all do the same thing.

Http:// simple adjustments needed
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My toilet refills itself every 10-15 minutes. Is it the flapper that should be replaced?

Yup. Just to be certain, put food coloring in the tank. If it ends up in the bowl you know its the flapper.
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Amercian Standard Toilet Model 2403

Replace the flapper, it is the peice that lets the water into the toilet bowl from the tank. most likley that is the problem and the cheapest & easiest fix.
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Toilet flushes normally but then fills very slowly. Tank refills completely but the fill valve turns back on every 10 minutes or so for 15-20 seconds. There are no external leaks so it appears a small amount of water is getting past the seal on the flush mechanism.

Try replacing the rubber flapper inside the tank.
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My toilet refills itself every 10-15 minutes. Is it the flapper that should be replaced?

If it is refilling you need to pull the lid and watch the valve for ten minutes to see what is happening, if the float does not seat then the float could be bad but if it is not adusted it could do this as well. look to see if the float pops up if it does then replace the flapper valve also make sure the chain is notto tightto the flapper valve. If you need more information please post here.
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