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American Standard Elongated toilet bowl water level slowly drops

I had 3 Cadet toilets installed in our new home .One of them has a problem with the water level dropping in the bowl over about a 5 minute period. If you push the handle to flush it does not do so completely. If I hold the handle down it will flush completely. and then the toilet bowl fills to the normal level only to drop to a minimum level again.If you flush the toilet right after the bowl fills , it does so normally , but if you wait and let the water level drop it won't flush correctly. The water level in the tank appears to behave normally and there seems to be no leak there . IS there so

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Thank you for selecting American Standard ... Model 2004 Normal Height Elongated One Piece Toilet ... Sand or debris lodged in water control. a. Bowl water level too low.
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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Champion®4 ... American Standard shall not be responsible or liable for ... Sand or debris lodged in water control. a. Bowl water level too ...
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American Standard Elongated toilet bowl water level slowly drops

The tank holding the proper amount of water is a good sign. The inside of the stool is like the GOOSE NECK under you sink. It always holds water. This may sound like a bit of a hassle to do but if all 3 toilets are identical, here is what you can try if you are a bit handy. Go to the hardware store and purchase 4 toilet wax rings with a plastic flange and a few sets of toilet floor flange bolts(they are cheap and you can always return if not used, as It is better to have xtra parts on hand). Turn off the water supply to the "Mystery Toilet". Leave the tank and everything connected to the stool. Flush the toilet and remove all excess water from the tank and bowl. This can be done with a shop vac, sponge or towel. Disconnect the water supply to the tank. Remove the bolts holding the stool to the floor and carefully remove toilet. Scrap off all the old wax from the floor flange and bottom of stool. Now go and repeat this proceedure to one of the toilets that is working properly. In other words Switch the "Mystery Toilet" with a "Working Toilet" and see how they react. If the working toilet does it in the same bathroom and the "Mystery Toilet" does not do it in the other bathroom then you probably have a VENTING PROBLEM. If the "Mysery Toilet" Does it in the other bathroom then you most likely have a Defective Toilet. This Job is best done by 2 people, as it can sometimes be challenging to center the new wax ring on the toilet flange. Reconnect to the floor and reconnect water supply to the tanks. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN BOLTS to the floor flange as you may crack the toilet. All drain lines must be vented properly for water to flow. If you are curious check out drain venting on the internet. Also, sometimes a vent can become obstructed with debris, ice, bird nest, etc.. I would 1st check the vent on the roof visually and then have someone flush and listen. If you believe the vent is clear....Then do the toilet switch and go from there.....Hope this helps and Happy Holidays....Joe
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My brand new toilet american standard round front model cadet 3 tank not fill water

If you verify that the water supply to the toilet is turned on, push down the float on the flush valve. Water should start flowing. If it doesn't, something (such as debris) may be blocking the valve and preventing filling. The new valve could be defective - permanently closed.
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American Standard Cadet 3 - bowl water slowly drains

Ok, I read through all the web sites and solutions for the Cadet3 bowl loosing all the water after 3-5 minutes of being flushed. After installing my own, I figured I didn't get a good seal with the wax ring, I must have misaligned it. So, I went out and bought a new wax ring, picked up the toilet, cleaned everything up and made absolutely sure it was seated right. No Joy, same thing the toilet bowl would loose all of it's water regardless of the tank adjustements. My vents were not clogged. so, about the time I am ready to take the toilet back I tried flushing one more time and water wouldn't go down so I plunged it several times and what ya know the toilet works normally now and retains water at the right level. While I am no expert, it appears to me that since there wasn't anything ever put in the toilet except for 2 small pieces of toilet paper that maybe part of the huge wax ring that came with it partially clogged the toilet causing a siphening effect? How else would the water level seep way down below the bottom of the top portion of the trap built into the toilet bowl (unless the toliet was defective)? So, it may not be your prroblem but before replacing the toilet, I would recommend a long hearty plung if your toilet bowl won't hold it's water.
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Toilet flushing problem! I purchased an American Standard Cadet 3 High HET toilet (1.28 gallon). When I flush the toilet, the flap will not stay up to allow the water to drain from the tank. When handle is pushed down only about 2 cup full of water enters the bowl resulting in poor flush. I have tried to shorten the chain and increasing the water lever in the tank with no results. In order to get a decent flush I have to hold the handle down, otherwise the flap will fall like a rock. Help!!!

The siphon mechanism works on a vacuum principle. If there is the slightest damage to the siphon membrane you will experience the problem you describe. A new siphon is required.
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I recently bought (9 months ago ) an american standard brand model CADET 3 one piece unit and recently 1 month ago , after flushing the toilet the water fills the up the water tank but there is continuous leaking(dribbling) of water into the the tube and the flushes are no longer as powerful as before. for your info the toilet was installed professionally.....what could be the problem and what recourse is there theunit cost was on speciall for $ 500.00

Theres probably debrie in flush valve, mite also try putting food dye in tank (any color) if it appears in bowl the flapper is seeping water and activating flush valve..
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How much draw down (tightening) do use to attach the water tank to the toilet bowl on a American Standard Flowise Cadet 3 toilet? Does the tank need to meet the bowl?

Seat the tank well on a new wax ring and then tightnen the two bolts on the sides evenly there is a small amount of pressure but thats it. To much and you'll snap the side of the bowl. You can caulk around the edge if you want more security,less movement. The tension on the nuts is very tricky just a feel kinda thing. Be carefull not to over do it.
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Is is possible to make a full flush toilet from an American Standard Cadet 3. The toilet is on a septic system and does not have the power to move waste all the way to the septic tank.

There could be blockage, get a system inspected to get the correct view of the system. Call a septic service or local authorities for running water test and drain field inspection. It is very important to have your system inspected every two to three years, do not flush grease and other non biodegradable substance into the toilet. Home page TG Wastewater
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Our Cadet 3 toilet is leaking, not from the bowl, the water in the tank goes down. We have replaced the flapper/stopper 3 times. It's only the level in the tank that goes down. We have consulted with Home Depot, where we bought it and a plumbing store and no one knows what to do. We are out of ideas...

When it is filling up does it in fact stop? If so, look down inside the back tank and look where the water fills (the little hose inside a tube in the tank) Does the water go over the edge of that little tube? If so adjust the float so it does not fill quite so high. How much slack is on the flapper chain? If it is very tought it will leave that flapper up just enough to leak some water. If there is to much slack that little chain will get stuck under the flapper and the flapper will not seal properly and leak water. Make sure the handle is not at any extreme angle to where the catch arm (connected to the handle on the inside of the tank) If it is set to low then it will effect the way the flapper settle and flushes. Also make sure the handle flushes and drops back down with ease. If the handle is sticking even just a bit it may prevent the flapper from sealing properly. Regards, Tony
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